25 years clean in June - and work doesnt know! - page 2

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:twocents: Well, I have been reflecting that I have been clean since June 28, 1983. I am coming up on 25 years, mostly in NA. I sponsor 8 women, I got clean at the age of 24 and am pushing 50. Its amazing. Two years... Read More

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    Wow, congrats ! I know , I always laugh to myself when the other nurses tell, me , you are so "put togeher", or other such statements. First thing I think is , " if you only knew how many comittiees are streaming through my head right now", or that I just got off the phone with my sponsor because some nurse ****** me off,,,,or the termoil my life can be in and how many meetings I go to to keep peace in my life. But, thank goodness, I can laugh at myself today. We are not a glum lot ! Again, congrats !!!!
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    Quote from *tattooed~princess*
    yea we break out in bad ideas and handcuffs!
    As the jailer once said, "Why do you keep coming back?"