what US states don't require SSN to issue license

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    I need updated information on which US States still accept applications for NCLEX exam and also ISSUE a permanent license without a SSN.


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    Moved to the International forum as nothing to do with nursing in the Philippines

    This is where you take the time and do your own research and check the state BON's out. You can take California off as they will not accept application without SSN
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    Thanks, I appreciate your quick reply. Believe me, I have done a bunch of research already, the problem is a lot of those threads are a few years old, so I was looking for more current information, if that's not too much to ask for!
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    Besides looking at threads you should be checking out the state board of nursing and links to all the state BON's can be found at the bottom of the page
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    NY, WA possible
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    You can have a license issued with out a ssn, but you need that ssn in order to work in the US.
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    Try New York, Vermont and Michigan
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    New Mexico
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    PA has a SSN waiver
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    Quote from ghillbert
    PA has a SSN waiver
    what do you mean by an SSN waiver? never heard of that...

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