taking nclex exam, Where to start????? taking nclex exam, Where to start????? | allnurses

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taking nclex exam, Where to start?????

  1. 0 ok, here's the deal i graduated in the philippines but im an amerian citizen.. im currently residing in colorado. Yesterday i called the state board to ask some questions, they told me that i need to take cgfns, i heard that in California they dont need cgfns so im planning to take it there,, so where do i start?? do i need to apply? im planning to take it on Feb or march.. when do i need to apply? do i need to move to california? help...
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    Forget about trying to get your ATT in CA, you have a 0.05% chance passing the educational minimum standards thus affording you to take the NCLEX. Just read all the previous threads of people getting denied, how or where to make up deficiencies, etc. Save your money and time, just get your license from CO, but it will not allow you to endorse the CO license into CA either.

    If you don't meet CA requirements in the first place, you don't get in at all, without going thru other costly and time consuming hoops.