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I need to renew my license but cant create an account in the idfpr portal since I don't have ssn

I know I can fill out the ssn affidavit form but where do I send it? also, once I submit it what are the next steps? the website won't allow me to proceed if I leave the ssn space blank.

please helppp

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Ya, looks like even though you mail the SSN Affidavit form wouldn't answer your question. The Board transitioned to online renewal now and I can't even find an RN Renewal Application paper form which was stated on the SSN Affidavit form.

You should email/call the Board & inquire. 

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you can email your SSN affidavit form to [email protected]

I'm in the same situation. I sent it and called them multiple times. They said I sould wait till I got temporary SSN from them. It'll take 8 weeks. 

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