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hello, i am an foreign graduate and an RN from philippines. i migrated here in california last nov 11 and was planning to take nclex here but when i submit all my requirements they told me that i am... Read More

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    Quote from kassy
    i have repeated my nclex rn exam at cali board and i have recieved a letter requiring clinical rotations and so much..after i have requested from my school all the requirements and submitted to cali board...guess what cali board wrote me a respond that my application is concurrent or wait for their decisions...i came to find out that the truth is they no longer wanted foriegn graduates.Whats the point of asking those requirements if denied an applications,cost money and time.Why not just tell foreign graduates who will ne taking nclex board not to pass requirement to them..really disappointing.Make me really sicked.Then ....just yesterday i spoke to oregon board director i was told that they are requiring now a local board(frm your country and 3 years clinical experience local country and if you were a graduates of morethan 3 years ,want you back to restudy again.Very disapponted.She even know whats goin on in Cali assuming that all states must be affected and tougher now to get nclex rn..Im US citizen ,went to Manila to finish my nursing and this is what im getting out of all the money i spent in school and my time..i tried florida state but rquiring english proficiency test,new mexico same thing but if you live in compact state you cant take new mexico board exam...nevada samething.Im really sad and disappointed i fe like no luck and where else could i inquire?sad

    Hi kassy,

    i just applied to the Florida BRN, i read your post and you said that they are requiring english proficiency??
    hmmmm,, based on their website

    6) Proof of English competency is also a requirement. If you took your nursing coursework in
    English and used English textbooks, then you do not need to show English language
    competency. Per Rule 64B9-3.002 (1) (e) F.A.C. one of the following requirements for English
    Competency must be demonstrated through one of the following:

    7) Successful completion of any one of the acceptable English competency examinations:
    * A minimum score of 540 (207 on computerized version and 76 on the Internet based
    version) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Examination
    * A minimum score of 79% on the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery
    * A minimum MELAB converted score of 79% on the Michigan Examination for the
    Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) Examination
    * A minimum score of 725 on Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)
    * A minimum score of 6.5 overall with a 7.0 on the spoken portion on the academic version
    of International English Language Testing System (IELTS);
    * Completion of a nursing program given in English in another country;
    * A passing score on a nursing licensing examination which is given in English;
    * Completion of a college level course for academic credit in a U.S. institution
    * A valid High School Diploma earned from an English speaking country

    whatcha think?

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    Quote from dragon_lady
    Mine took 5-6 months to get my eligibility.

    oh! took so long! so you passed the exam yet?
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    Yeah I passed my exam on dec 6 and received my license card on January 4.
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    Quote from dragon_lady
    Yeah I passed my exam on dec 6 and received my license card on January 4.

    congrats! how was the exam? was it same with NCLEX-RN or a little bit easy? Update us if you got a job immediately.
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    Thank you.It was hard but I couldn't say it's like NCLEX-RN because there are some differences
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    There are some differences in scope of practice.
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    Quote from shergillnav
    hey my edu hv been evaluated by cgfns but my state require ilets ,,,,is it possible to change my state now...repot issued to me


    in what state are you in now that requiring IELTS?

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    Quote from dragon_lady
    Thank you.It was hard but I couldn't say it's like NCLEX-RN because there are some differences

    Cool! what city are you in?
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    Quote from orchidgee

    Cool! what city are you in?
    I'm in San Francisco.How about you?
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    Quote from dragon_lady
    I'm in San Francisco.How about you?

    I'm in San Diego area.

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