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Hello all, I'm currently in the process of being registered with the NMC. Has anyone sent their paperwork recently and still waiting for their decision letter? The NMC has put a hold on all the applications, just wondering if... Read More

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    I think you also have to be aware that the government is causing a lot of these issues I recently read a news article indicating this with main focus on nurses being disciplined (taking too long) and that the NMC has to be more strict on the application process.

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    Newshark when did you finish your ONP???

    yeh the man I spoke to at the nmc said majority of their funding goes towards the "fit to practice" section of the nmc and therefore there is not much money left for the overseas's applications department.

    NMC seems to always be in the news over here!
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    Whoa...so glad I got this sorted before all of this...although they could decide not to grandfather people in, as is their right, of course.
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    Yeah well, that was the only consideration no other differences, Australian nurses still take the IELTS and still had to meet all other criteria same as every other.
    God forbid to treat the colonies equally and with respect.......and. the years go on and on.
    Better tread carefully NMC. Your UK educated nurses are well treated here in Australia with many exemptions, when Registering as a nurse,even though many educated past 10 years are not general educated as Australan nurses and with no restrictions on where they can be employed!!..and no IELTS!!! Maybe AHPRA needs to look at that as well.

    Message to self: Email AhPRA in t he morning And ask for criteria, of why UK nursing education is given so much exemptions over other countries nursing education.
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    On the other hand, in the US, we make them take the NCLEX. I wonder if Canada makes them take their own licensing exam? I wouldn't wish the NCLEX on any foreign educated nurse...
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    Quote from babyRN.
    On the other hand, in the US, we make them take the NCLEX. I wonder if Canada makes them take their own licensing exam? I wouldn't wish the NCLEX on any foreign educated nurse...
    Yes we have to sit the CRNE to be able to work in Canada and come 2015 it will be similar to the NCLEX
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    Haven't even done my ONP, loz_newby!....Was thinking I would have at least gotten that out of the way by now, but not even..... :/

    Anybody have any recommendations to HCA positions near South-Central London? I've only been to the NHS website...any other agencies or private companies someone would like to recommend to me?
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    I was about to request for an application form in the NMC website when I found out that they had just postponed processing overseas applications.

    Any idea of what the requirements are for packet one? I know the requirements might be different from the previous one, but I'd just like to know so I'll at least have an idea and start fixing some documents as early as I can.

    Or if anyone could be kind enough to forward me details sent by NMC for packet one? That would truly be great

    Thank you!
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    hello everyone,

    good news! i got my letter from nmc today stating that i can start with my ONP.

    i am so relieved. after almost six months with all of those delays and everthing i can finally start.
    it says that i have to do 20 days theoretical and 6 months supervised placement -

    this coming monday i will try and inquire about the course at St Georges Tooting. - my first choice

    hope everyones application is goin on well too! will update as soon as i find a good place to do my ONP

    god bless!
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