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  1. NICU in UK vs. US

    I am a NICU nurse here in the United States who is applying for a position in the NICU in England. I was wondering if there were any fellow NICU nurses who could share their experiences working in both countries; Or, if you are a NICU nurse from the ...
  2. NMC delay and ONP Course at Bournemouth

    Newshark, I am currently waiting for my second packet from the NMC. I have heard that this process can take months... In your experience, what was the time-frame of getting accepted by the NMC and hearing back from the ONP? Were you able to move to E...
  3. NMC delay and ONP Course at Bournemouth

    Are you working with a travel nurse agency? Now that the NMC has reopened it's doors, have you been placed at a hospital yet? Do you have to do supervised practice?
  4. Experience after NMC resumes overseas registration

    Hi greatxander, I have sent my first application and have heard from my recruiter through Continental Travel Nursing that my second packet will "be sent soon". He also told me that it could take two weeks for the second packet to arrive to me in the ...
  5. continental travel nurse

    Hey mystifying: I am working with CTN at the moment, and it does seem like I have to be the one to call the recruiter more often than she calls me. Also, she has asked for my immunization records three times... I find it unsettling that she could los...