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Hello all, I'm currently in the process of being registered with the NMC. Has anyone sent their paperwork recently and still waiting for their decision letter? The NMC has put a hold on all the... Read More

  1. by   babyNP.
    Whoa...so glad I got this sorted before all of this...although they could decide not to grandfather people in, as is their right, of course.
  2. by   ceridwyn
    Yeah well, that was the only consideration no other differences, Australian nurses still take the IELTS and still had to meet all other criteria same as every other.
    God forbid to treat the colonies equally and with respect.......and. the years go on and on.
    Better tread carefully NMC. Your UK educated nurses are well treated here in Australia with many exemptions, when Registering as a nurse,even though many educated past 10 years are not general educated as Australan nurses and with no restrictions on where they can be employed!!..and no IELTS!!! Maybe AHPRA needs to look at that as well.

    Message to self: Email AhPRA in t he morning And ask for criteria, of why UK nursing education is given so much exemptions over other countries nursing education.
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  3. by   babyNP.
    On the other hand, in the US, we make them take the NCLEX. I wonder if Canada makes them take their own licensing exam? I wouldn't wish the NCLEX on any foreign educated nurse...
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from babyRN.
    On the other hand, in the US, we make them take the NCLEX. I wonder if Canada makes them take their own licensing exam? I wouldn't wish the NCLEX on any foreign educated nurse...
    Yes we have to sit the CRNE to be able to work in Canada and come 2015 it will be similar to the NCLEX
  5. by   newshark
    Haven't even done my ONP, loz_newby!....Was thinking I would have at least gotten that out of the way by now, but not even..... :/

    Anybody have any recommendations to HCA positions near South-Central London? I've only been to the NHS website...any other agencies or private companies someone would like to recommend to me?
  6. by   machaix

    I was about to request for an application form in the NMC website when I found out that they had just postponed processing overseas applications.

    Any idea of what the requirements are for packet one? I know the requirements might be different from the previous one, but I'd just like to know so I'll at least have an idea and start fixing some documents as early as I can.

    Or if anyone could be kind enough to forward me details sent by NMC for packet one? That would truly be great

    Thank you!
  7. by   blueice08
    hello everyone,

    good news! i got my letter from nmc today stating that i can start with my ONP.

    i am so relieved. after almost six months with all of those delays and everthing i can finally start.
    it says that i have to do 20 days theoretical and 6 months supervised placement -

    this coming monday i will try and inquire about the course at St Georges Tooting. - my first choice

    hope everyones application is goin on well too! will update as soon as i find a good place to do my ONP

    god bless!
  8. by   newshark
    Congrats blueice!

    I too recently received my letter for 20 days ONP study and did some calling around for the universities in London (only called City of London and one other) and both were about 1000+...but Bournemouth University offers it for 450.

    Just sent my application for their ONP. Hoping to get in ASAP.

    If you don't mind posting how much Tooting's ONP is, that would be nice seeing as I am closer in location to them.

    Good luck with the rest of this LONG journey! I think I see some light at the end of the tunnel now!

    Kindest regards
  9. by   Lahueristic
    Are you working with a travel nurse agency? Now that the NMC has reopened it's doors, have you been placed at a hospital yet? Do you have to do supervised practice?
  10. by   Lahueristic

    I am currently waiting for my second packet from the NMC. I have heard that this process can take months... In your experience, what was the time-frame of getting accepted by the NMC and hearing back from the ONP? Were you able to move to England before you heard about placement at the ONP in Bournemouth?

    Thanks in advance, I hope you have been accepted to the ONP by now!
  11. by   blueice08
    thanks newshark.

    update: ive been calling around for the university. ive called city university and st georges university so far. apparently both of them can't provide me with the placement needed and that i have to find my own placement.

    is there anyone here who knows where i can have a placement? this is another obstacle in this nurse registration. and i thought all along that the university ill provide everything. btw, nmc gave me 6 months placement/exposure! OH THE PAIN!
  12. by   newshark
    Sorry for the delayed response! I used to receive email notifications when someone responded to my posts, but I guess I have to update my settings or something...

    As for my experience so far...

    Was going to do the ONP at Bournemouth Uni, but the dates offered there conflicted with my personal schedule, so I emailed my main point of contact at Continental Travel nurse (who I was originally going to work with once registered) and she told me about PULSE (another nursing/healthcare agency) who were offering the ONP at beginning of May. Somehow, I had never heard of PULSE. During all my conversations on these message boards, never did I see someone mention PULSE--so here I am mentioning it as another resource for all overseas nurses!!

    So PULSE has the instructors from Bournemouth Uni (BU) come to their London office and teach the ONP --**by the way, I am only required to do the 20 days protected learning, but apparently, every overseas applicant will be required to do the 20 days learning AND 3 months supervised practice--no matter what! **-- this is the information I got from one of the BU ONP instructors.

    If you are not already registered with PULSE, the ONP costs 600--bleh!! BUT, the reason I decided to sign on with them and not Continental is because PULSE will reimburse 100% of the ONP after 1,000 hours of work (6 months) with their agency. Continental only reimburses 250 or so.

    I got extremely lucky with timing for the ONP, because Continental had told me about PULSE 2 days before they were doing their next ONP, so I called PULSE immediately and was placed in the course (thank goodness!).

    My advice for those waiting for their decision letters would be to find out the dates of the ONP where they want to attend and to continuously contact the uni/agency on the space available for those dates.

    Lahueristic--To answer your question about receiving my decision letter from the NMC....yikes. My situation was a (semi) nightmare, and if I could go back and do it again, I would do it completely differently. But if I wasn't able to stay here for as long as I am (husband is European, so as long as we stay married, I can stay in the UK) I don't think I would even bother with the NMC.

    So, I received my 2nd pack from the NMC last year (2012) around May, but I took my time completing the packet, and sort of sent documents in at random and not all together. I was thinking the NMC would start reviewing each document as they received it, but they wait until all your documents have been received before putting you into the "decision queue".

    I sent everything to them by September, and (thinking I did everything correctly), I moved over to the UK right after sending my dox to the NMC (my husband was already living here, so I wanted to hurry and be with him). I was anticipating that by Christmas I would have received my decision letter and then come January I would get started in the ONP. **this was my plan, but obviously not how it worked out**

    I called a week or so after sending everything in Sept and they told me everything was received, and I was in the decision queue and to wait 4 weeks for my decision letter.

    Decided to call a couple of weeks later to find that I was out of the decision queue because my references were considered invalid seeing as they weren't filled out by registered nurses. I worked for a private home care agency, and had the mother of the client fill the form (but she's not a RN) and at the hospital I worked, only Human resources has an Official stamp--which is what the NMC wants for the reference to be valid. SO I had to re-do these references, sent them back to the NMC and by mid October-ish I was back in the decision queue for the 2nd time.

    Then I think it was January when I was contacted again by the NMC asking for information on the college courses I took in high school. They were under the assumption that I had received an associate's degree, or something of the sort prior to my attendance at Uni. At first, I waited to submit an explanation to them about these courses because I thought I could get around it by explaining they were asking for the wrong information. I tried explaining that I only took a few college credits while I was in HS (we had a dual-enrollment programme) but that these credits did not validate to any kind of certificate or degree.

    But I shouldn't have waited so long to just submit to them, word for word, details about the courses I took with a few documents from the community college I took them at, etc. I literally created a "contents page" for the documents I sent back to the NMC and highlighted all the details of the courses and such, so there wouldn't be any more questions about them (I was pretty frustrated with the NMC by this point).

    Then, I was back in the decision queue for the 3rd time, but about 2 weeks later found out the NMC were being audited on their application process for overseas nurses---WHAT. THE. ****?!?!?! --never thought my application was going to be processed!

    So it took them until the end of March? April? Before they were done with the audit (hence why all overseas nurses will have to do supervised practice from here on out).

    And when I received my decision letter, they said that I was put into the decision queue in January, and I received my decision letter in APR. Had that been the FIRST time I was in the decision queue, I would have been SO pleased to have only waited 3 months for my letter, but obviously, that was not the case. Partly my fault, but I was shocked when they were so confused with my college credits. My advice to anyone who took courses at more than one university/college: submit everything the first time and break it down like you are explaining it to a dummy. The simpler, the better, and it will save you time in the end.

    So that's my recount of my application history with the NMC.

    Obviously not the end of my frustrations with them. My "sign off" date for the ONP is tomorrow (YIPEE) and then after that, they say another 4-8 weeks before you receive your PIN.

    But of course, before you receive the PIN, you have to send the NMC MORE money ..109 is what I was told.

    I would NOT recommend moving over before you get your decision letter. Unless circumstances are unusual....I don't regretting moving over so soon (as I said, I wanted to be with my husband), but what I do regret is not getting a job as a health care assistant or something in the meantime (the reason I didn't was because I didn't anticipate this process to be forever). And when you get a job in healthcare, it can take a little bit of time and effort before you can start working.

    Anyway, best of luck to everyone.

    Will keep checking back regularly to see if there's any more comments, and will be definitely be back to notify everyone once I've received my PIN.
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  13. by   blueice08
    Thanks for your input newshark! I am very happy for you that youre about to receive your PIN!

    As for me, im still looking for placement. I have called Pulse before you have mentioned here, and apparently they dont offer placements for the ONP no more. I am running out of choice because i dont really want to move out of london. Havent contacted all the major NHS trusts here in London yet so im not losing hope. Hopefully i can stumble with someone willing to offer me with placement.

    Yeah, i keep on coming back on this forum for inputs like yours. Will update for any progress..
    You are very helpful newshark! Godbless!