New grad Filipino nurse wanting to work in Australia/New Zealand Part 2 - page 1026

Due to recent changes regarding applications for International nurses to Australia and the combining of the nursing boards to one central nursing board in Australia AHPRA I have started a new thread for people to discuss the new... Read More

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    Quote from yukishih
    Question for student visa application, do i need to submit certificate of employment?
    I submitted my certificate of employment for my student visa application . .

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    Seeing as this thread is over 10,000 posts long and we have increased the world section and have separate forums for nurse registration and immigration I have started 2 new threads one in each forum. Closing this one so please post any relevant helpful discussions in the 2 threads.

    Nurse registration forum Meeting AHPRA requirements as a International Trained Nurse from the Philippines
    Immigration forum Immigration requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    closing this thread

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