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  1. Hi Fellow Colleagues!

    I am seeking for an advice on how to get the NCLEX RN test score/result.
    I took the NCLEX RN California on June 15 2006 and was informed by the board that I was successful for the second time and was asking for SSN. I am a foreign graduate Nurse in the Philippines and presently residing in the United Kingdom and working as an ambulance crew. I was not able to provide the SSN and I was told by the board that my file was destroyed in 2011. I am seeking licensure in New York to get into Nursing again closer to my families but the scenario is they want the result of my NCLEX RN exam from the California BON and fearing that my exam result was also destroyed. I already emailed the CA BON but has no reply yet. I checked with the pearsonvue and NCSBN but they don't hold the applicants result and have submitted it to the CA BON. Pls help if you can spare a little of your time replying if you can! Very much appreciated and all the best to all Nurses!
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    Last time I checked CA had paperwork you had to complete plus a small fee for your results to be moved from them to a new BON
  5. by   michael1974
    Thank You for your replies! Really appreciate it! I found the amount of fee needed which is $10 on CA BON website but I was not able to find the paperwork or form needed to make a request. Also I am hoping that they will keep my record even for nearly 8 yrs since I took the exam cause I did not received an official copy of my test result. Fingers crossed!
  6. by   steppybay
    Do you have the SS# now that's work authorized or the proper working visa?
  7. by   michael1974
    Hi! I do not have the SSN as of yet that is why I am trying to get the license in the New York State BON and eventually be able to find an agency who will be able to process the SSN and working visa for me. Thanks for taking time to help!
  8. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Do you have paid work experience as a registered nurse?

    Agencies cannot get you a social security number. You apply for a SSN once you secured a work visa and land in the US.

    EB visas have an 8-10 year wait and very few employers will hold a job that long. If you do not have paid work experience as a specialized nurse you won't qualify for a H1B specialist visa...if you can even find an employer willing to sponsor and pay all costs (specialty visas require employer to pay all costs associated) for a position that they must demonstrate that no US citizen or PR is qualified plus prove the job requires a minimum of BSN (employer preference is insufficient if ASN or diploma nurses can fulfill the job requirements)

    There is no shortage of new grad/inexperienced US educated nurses that are citizens or PR. There are some areas seeking experienced nurses with 3, 5, 10 years specialized experience. But there are experienced US nurses also seeking employment.

    Good luck.