NCLEX RN- States not requiring PNLE passer

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    hi everyone!

    i am newbie here so please help me out.

    i just graduated bs-nursing this year in the philippines and i am not a us citizen or immigrant. i just wanted to know which states do not require pnle passer before taking the nclex-rn. i know some states require you to be a licensed/registered nurse in the country from which you received your nursing education.

    i hope someone could maybe give me a list of those states because i was planning not to take the local boards anymore.

    well, i have relatives in illinois so i am trying to find states near it since illinois require me to be an rn first in my country.

    please and thank you!
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    With retrogression I would suggest you reassess not doing the NLE and do it. Unless you have another route to get immigrant visa you are looking at several years wait and most employer would expect you to keep up to date with training and work experience
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    I think as time goes on, the States will start to require that we show proof of our PH license during the first application or come time to renew your US license that they want to see the PH license and if you don't have it, the license will not be renewed or issued on a temporary basis. to get your license.

    If the US employer gets a temporary license, it could make them look to hire a new replacement nurse in the near future as they cannot afford to lose a nurse due to this problem and leave the staff short and put stress on the patient load.
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    New York State.. I have friends here who didnt take the NLE.. they already have their papers on process