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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for some information. I am a UK nurse with a BSc Honors and a post grad in Diabetics. I am looking to move to America and wanted to work as a nurse. I know that its very hard to get visa's or even to get a job in the States. I have spoke to a company in the UK who state that they can offer the NCLEX exam and also help with the licensing process. I have some questions I need answered and wanted to know if any of you good people on here have had any experience with this company. Nurses4America.

    1 Does anyone know this company or used them?
    2 Is it worth while doing this course?
    3 Is this course actually recongised in USA?
    4 How hard is it to get a job in America with the NCLEX course?
    5 Are there any other companies in the UK who do NCLEX?
    6 Any tips on the best way about trying to get work in USA?

    I know i have asked a lot of questions, but these are things i need answers to. Thanks everyone for your help.
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  3. by   Lev <3
    I look at the company's website and it does not seem like a legit place to take the nclex. I believe you have to contact the state board of nursing of the state you are planning to live in to take the NCLEX.
  4. by   wish_me_luck
    I didn't think it was legit either because NCLEX is a test given by Pearson Vue only and like the PP said, the BON has to approve you first, so you have to pick a state to live in first.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Agree with above...probably not legit. NCLEX is not a course but rather the US-wide licensing exam. Many foreign-trained grads are finding that their education doesn't meet the US requirements.

    Plus, as you stated, visas are at a premium because unemployment in the US is still pretty high. You will find many other foreign-grads with similar issues posting in the Immigration Forum.
  6. by   perioddrama
    Quote from sineadsmyth29
    5 Are there any other companies in the UK who do NCLEX?
    Like others have stated, you have to apply to the State you want to live and work in first. And then when they give you authorization, you may apply thru Pearson-Vue and take the NCLEX. You do not have to take the test in the States. You can take it at specific international sites. Best call the Pearson-VUE agent in your EMEA region.

    Here is the website link with two methods of contact: email or telephone (blower).
  7. by   lady shev
    hi i a uk nurse and i am currently living in the usa i know that company i tried them actually and they were shady anyway the refunded my money.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Moved to the Nurse registration forum. Can do it yourself just read the state Board of nursing website and complete requirements. Then read up on retrogression and be prepared to wait the 6 plus years once you find a employer willing to wait and file immigrant visa application for you
  9. by   ben.esherick
    I have registered with Nurses4America and their service is good because the licensing process is very complex! They have experts who deal with it. Their training program is quite easy to use too.
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    The licensing process isn't complex and many including myself managed to do it ourselves without paying extra for someone to complete the same paperwork