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    HELLO thanks a lot, I'll be starting my application soon. one more, how do u provide evidence of CPD? do u have to include it in ur CV? is it needed. havent read posts about it tnx

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    Dear Myzz,
    Just add the cpd trainings what you have undergone in the last 12 months which should not be less than 20 hours. I understand that we dont be issued with any certificates with hours mentioned, but you can just add the certificates for the training or if you dont have it, request it from the workplace by showing some models of your friends and add write a letter giving a detailed explanation about the date, hours, and break time . This would be enough, because i did it like that.
    Thanks in advance
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    Can i include bls, acls and pals? Other than i do have seminars with certificates too since it is required here in UAE for our licence renewal. Im just confused on how to present it in the application. So i would include it on my CV?and attach the crtificates as well ?
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    Hi guys! I and my few other friends are looking for our classmates for the february intake at IHNA Melbourne. If you are one, please contact us, Cheers! xx
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    dear myzz,
    yes that will do. but dont forget to write a letter with that to your case officer mentioning the hours. Dont add any certicates in cv, just mention in words. Add it with your documents.
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    Quote from beauex
    Hi chobieRN, are you for the April intake of UNISA?
    No words yet. Still waiting if I'll make it for the April intake. My documents have just arrived at UniSA today so I'm hopeful.
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    Greetings everyone!. I badly need help from those Filipino Nurses who processed their papers for UNISA's ARNTP without any help of an agent. Please enlighten me if the school credentials are needed to undergo "CVA red ribbon" as what we know here or we can simply do it via public notary to show that these are certified true documents as one of the options stated in the website's entry requirements for ARNTP. Thanks
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    Hi guys! Its been a long time since I last posted here. I graduated from ETEA last Dec 2012. I've read one post saying that ETEA is not the ideal school to take your BP. Well, it is partly true. Hahaha! If only I could turn back time, I'd rather go for IHNA or ACFE. ETEA does accept a number of students which they can't really handle. In my opinion, that's the reason why ETEA students got problems with their registration. Students from IHNA or ACFE would get their registration after 2-3 weeks only unlike with those from ETEA they would wait for 2 mos or more. I learned from one of my indian classmates that his friend has been waiting for 6-8 mos already after graduating and still no registration. This is of course making me nervous but all I can do is pray.

    Regarding the demand for nurses in Australia, there are still a lot of jobs but there are a few who are offering sponsorship. During my clinical placement in NSW, I was already applying jobs online. Royal Prince Alfred hospital invited me for an interview. I was having my duty that time so we just arranged a phone interview. I still didn't have my registration because that was I think my 2nd week of clinical placement. So the hospital told me that of course we wouldn't be able to process the sponsorship because they need my registration. They just told me to contact them once I receive my license.

    Now for those who are planning to go to Australia my first advice is to not make Australia as an "escape" country. Coz some, I think... want to go there because they couldn't get a hospital experience in Phils. It is still a must for you to get at least 3 years exp in your specialty to make yourself competent and to stand out among other applicants. Australia is a beautiful country and it is still a wise decision for nurses to go and get more experience there. However, I would discourage others who are planning to loan or sell their family's properties just to be able to move there. Some consultancies are giving false hopes coz its still just all about their business.

    Nurses who are very much in demand are those who have O.R (Theatre), Mental, Aged Care specialties. So for those who have at least 4-5 yrs exp in those areas, don't worry you will definitely have a good future in Australia.
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    Quote from sbeattrix
    Happy new Year to all!

    I'm not being masochistic, but I would like to thank susanmat and ceridwyn for their two cents and lived in experiences for sharing. It is indeed better to think positively, but it would be wise to look at the most obvious points.

    I do agree if you or your family can't support yourself, it would be better off to just look elsewhere.

    I have asked alot of Philman candidates and ones who finished the BP, alot have reported they haven't found work within 6 months time or more. And their pressured alot to find work and pay back the debt within 6 months or else the debt would be increased.

    That's why I have opted to seek help with family and relatives.

    But even so, my family is all being anxious coz my cousin who finished her BP in ETEA last August 2012 still hasn't found work.

    With this, I am still fearful if I should undertake BP or even push through with this.

    I am only praying and hoping and researching more and more. But in general, my family is saying I should take the chance.

    With this, can I ask for help from those graduates of University of South Australia and La Trobe what is your feedback on these 2 schools?

    One is Adelaide and one is Melbourne. One costs 15 thousand AUD and one costs 10 thousand AUD. One would finish BP by 3rd week of August 2013 and one would finish September 2013.

    Does anybody know when does the nursing students of Australia Graduate?

    I deduce that my cousin still couldn't find a job because after finishing in ETEA on August, ETEA had accreditation problems with AHPRA. So she only received her registration after 2 months which was in November 2012. After she got her registration, she had a very very hard time looking for sponsorship since its the holiday season. She got back from Australia since August after finishing her BP and she hasn't been able to return since then coz it would just be expensive living in Australia without work.

    So if anyone who has any comments for the schools of University of South Australia and Latrobe, please, help me choose.

    For those ETEA enrollees, I believe one should heed the advices of susanmat. The status of their accreditation in AHPRA says it all, including all the comments and status from their graduates.

    Thank you!
    sent you a pm
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    hai aila,
    thank you for your encouraging words

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