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    anyone here for ihna perth campus?
    for inha students (perth): did you take all the serology test for all the diseases in immunisation decalration?
    and anyone who is looking for an accomdation while having their BP?

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    Quote from seph
    to chelseaxyrene: did you apply online for ihna? and if yes, do they only allow certified true copies of the documents? thanks!
    Hi. I dont know what mwt is. Or i just forgot. Yes i applied online for ihna. And yes they only allow certified trur copies of all documents
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    Quote from seph
    hi chelseaxyrene! i am also applying for a slot in IHNA, can i just ask what is MWT? it is on the first page of their online application form.. ive googled it and its and educational consultancy.. i just want to be sure. thanks!
    MWT is like their campus or agency in India. so ur answer must be "NO"
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    Thank you all.I've finished reading more than a thousand pages for more than a week.I have no more doubts so far.All my questions were answered.I am confident that I'm heavily armed with all the information I needed and I owe it everything from all of you.I'm just waiting for a confirmation from IHNA to take the Melbourne,June 2013 slot.My APHRA LOE will expire on Oct.24,2013.I'm just quite concerned about their accreditation expiring this November.Anyway,I hope I can clarify their status from the accrediting body asap.
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    Dear friends, I am going to be interviewed by AAON soon, can anybody help me with the possible questions ? help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Who's for UNISA APril 2013, say "I!" - I!
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    Dear Blaisey,
    I too applied at AAON could you please tell me how long you have been waited for them to interview you after submitting the application? How was the interview? What were the questions? After interview how long have you been waited for your letter of offer?

    Sorry for my too much questions. Need your help. Please reply. TIA
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    Dear brainsnow, Could you please tell me where can i find the application in UNISA's Website?

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    Hi Cummulus,
    How long you have been waited to be interviewed by AAON after submitting your application and please tell me how do you know your result after you have passed?

    Many Thanks
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    Quote from bite_me
    Does anyone know someone who availed of IHNA's accommodation? Is it a decent place to stay and what kind of place do they offer? Also, do you know if you can choose who you'll be living with? My friend also got accepted on the same intake.
    I suggest not to take the accomodation at IHNA. Instead find an accomodation in
    It will save you heaps of money that you can use on your other expenses.

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