HELP! Fingerprint/Morphotrust - NCLEX TX

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    Hi! I apologize ahead if this topic is already posted but I have a few questions regarding the fingerprinting/morphotrust/identogo thing. I am trying to mail in my application to TX BON and I would like to know what are the initial requirements that has to be mailed to them.

    I was informed that I need to mail in the ff:

    • Application Form
    • Fee of $125
    • Fingerprint Card

    What I am confused about is what kind of fingerprint card do I mail in? Should I used the one I requested from the TX BON? Do I just go to any fingerprint center to have it done or use this so called IDENTOGO and mail it to morphotrust?

    I am really confused... I am stuck... HELP PLS? And thanks in advance!

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    The details are clearly explained on the TXBoN website including what you need to do whether you live in or outside Texas
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    So technically, I use the identogo website already? Thanks
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    What I'm confused about is... Do I mail in my application form and the fee first?

    I have here my fingerprint card from the BON, it's still blank. I haven't gone to get my fingerprints. I followed the steps on the IDENTOGO.COM but I figured that you need to have a pending application in the BON to be able to register your card.

    So how do I go about?
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    Usually you file the application and start the background check concurrently
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    Yeah, I understand that but the thing is I don't know how to go about as won't allow me to register my fingerprint card. I'll be calling them now. Thank you.
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    Then apply to TX BoN first.
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    Hi just an update. I called the TX BON and they said that all I need to mail in is my application and the check of $125 then they will be the one to inform me on what the next steps will be. I was just confused at first because I was informed previously that I needed to mail in the fingerprint cards along with my application.

    Thank you!
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    Quote from identogo
    It looks like you found your answer, but if you have further questions you can contact IdentoGO customer service at [COLOR=#0563c1]888-467-2080.
    Hi thank you! It would be awesome if you could inform me on where to get my fingerprints? I am in California applying for Texas.
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