Foreign graduate students applying for NCLEX in CA, any update?

  1. I know there are issues about how hard it is for foreign students to apply NCLEX in CA specifically meeting with their requirements.

    I am an experienced nurse in the Philippines and going to CA via k1 visa this coming April. i left my job and hoping to still be a nurse when i live at CA with my future husband. i will apply for NCLEX as soon as i got to US, for now im studying to be ready.

    My concerns are,
    How to apply and will i be eligible? i have classmates from my school who have passed the NCLEX and now practicing but they had their exam before 2011 when more strict policies were implied by CA BON.

    What to do now?

    Please help.
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  3. by   steppybay
    Yes, your friends all made it under the timeline, but times have changed now:

    Here's a very good read on the current situation (and not only for PH applicants, but for many international applicants):

    You can certainly try and apply, just know that since the strict enforcement of the concurrency rules (set in 1987), that since Nov. 2011, there's been very few PH applicants getting approved in CA. If you graduated with your BSN prior to 2005, you may be okay otherwise, it's a gamble with your money as the application fees whether approved or denied, is not refundable, as so clearly stated in the application forms.

    You have the option to apply to other states, but endorsing back into CA is not an option as it will be rejected for the same reason of the above. Once the CA BRN looks at your transcripts, you may be lacking only one course up to 4 courses. Those courses may be made up, but join the other few thousands looking in CA, as there are other countries involved, with very limited classes (average size is 12, with representatives from other countries) and some with long waiting list (1-2-3 plus years) and some can cost upwards to $14,000 (if you can find a cheaper community college it's much less, but more waiting)

    You can try the LVN exam, find a LVN job, then try to enroll in a LVN-RN program. Not easy either but do-able if you can wait it in terms of years. It's school time all over again.

    You'll find more reads in the World forum under the Nurse Registration tab.
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