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Hello everyone! New here:) and been searching for days....still have not found an answer... Im a Foreign (Filipina) Nurse Moving to Texas and trying to plan/apply at the Texas BON soon. Their site implies that I can only take... Read More

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    Hi steppybay!I'm a filipino RN based in San Antonio tx and I can tell you this is a wonderful city. Been here since 2000, I tried to live in the east coast but I had to come back to SAT because people are nicer, friendlier, cost of living is low and the local economy is booming. Speaking of employment opportunities, during the early 2000, hospitals in the city are luring nurses with bonuses. I myself get to benefit from it too :-) But at the present, I haven't heard of a hospital here offering such. In the hospital where I'm currently employed, which I cannot name due to privacy issues...sorry, they only hire nurses who were schooled in their system or who's school has affiliations to them. I started 2008 in this hospital. I got lucky since I just did a walk in and a job fair is being held at that time so I got hired on the spot. But things hasn't been very rosy after that. Hiring has been limited to what I've mentioned. Although on our particular floor, we've been begging for extra staff to help us out, they just won't hire for budget reasons. You're best bet would be the hospitals along the valley, which is way down south of Texas. I heard they still offer bonuses but I'm not 100% sure. It sure does not hurt to try applying in the big cities like Houston, Dallas or even here in San Antonio but chances are slim.Anyway good luck to you. You sound like a really smart person and I hope you have better luck here in Texas.Keep us posted ok!

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    do you guys think TX BON needs Philippine License?

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