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Can anyone help me here,im planning to take the LVN exam because I just got denied by CABON because of the concurrency issue..I just want to know: Method #3 Equivalent Education and/or Experience(the PAHARMACOLOGY course)do... Read More

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    Im sorry to hear that! Me too that's my BIG problem I already passed nclex-rn in illinois but i want to endorse it here in california. I hope there will be schools that will cater for us to be granted a CA license.

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    you guys are lucky, because here in NJ LPN jobs nowadays are taking so slow, infact they encourage those LPN working in the Hospital to take BSN-RN course because sooner or later they won't allow LPN/LVN. So i just wish I can take nclex Rn this year.. God willing.. Let's keep on praying Kabayan
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    hi @anapilsirc. Is it hard to apply in illinois for nclex rn, how many months is the processing?
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    @maia718: it took me 4 long months before I got the test.. are you applying also?
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    im applying in vermont but got a problem regarding my lacking number of hours.. Just waiting for their reply since I order another re-evaluation in CES.. Are they strict? when did you apply?
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    Not really I applied last november 2011 and took the test last week of Feb 2012. really?! ur having problem c number of hours? I hope those States will not starting to follow the new rules of CA BON or else a lot of international nurses will be in trouble.
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    whose in the bay area? I'm looking for school
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    Im from southbay where you from?
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    Im praying for it! If the result will be the same or when they deny me totally because as of the moment I got preliminary denial.. I think I should apply to other state and may consider illinois.. i will look into it about the requirements.. are they still requiring CES report?
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    What review materials did you used? thanks

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