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First of all, I really hope Silverdragon reads this and gives me insight. I have sent out my application as well as all of my paperwork to the NMC for my nursing license, except my training... Read More

  1. by   babyNP.
    A PhD will NOT be required of NPs, although a DNP may be. In actuality, it's a guideline posted by the AACN, not a requirement (and it's 2015, NOT 2013). There are many universities who are not complying with this recommendation. There is also no truth in the ADNs not being eligible. There are some states that have lobbied that one makes it so you have to get it within a certain number of years, but by no means is this every state.

    Try not to post information unless you're sure of the information because you inadvertently mislead others and discourage those that may seek an advanced path but do not want all extra work you've described.

    edit: it's actually the AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing), not the ANA like I originally described. Link in my next post.
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    well, excuse me. I find that your a little rude. and Yes, the information that I posted is INDEED true, as told to me by a friend who has a PhD and is also the director of a prestigious nursing college that is part of an ivy league military university!

    I simply was sharing information that I know is accurate, also where I am currently working toward my BSN, it has also been said by faculty there as well. I think they would know.

    Have a nice day.
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    If I sound a little off-putting, it's because you're wrong and it's frustrating to me when people post such grossly inaccurate information. You didn't even get the year right! Perhaps what you're referring to is at a specific school, but in no way is it to the country.

    Any simple search would tell you anyone reading this: please do a search so that you know for yourself instead of taking our words for it.

    A doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) is clinically-based and is what this person is supposed to be referring to. A PhD is research-based. There is no way at all that a PhD is going to be required. I doubt the DNP will be required, in any case, the way things are looking at this point. I imagine that MSNs are here to stay for a long while past 2015...

    edit: here's a link from the AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing)--the folks who have put this forward:
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    Back on topic please guys, this is about nursing in the UK so if you want to discuss anything else take it to a new thread in the relevant forum please.

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    As of two days ago, a staffer at the NMC who is a decision maker on applications informed me that accelerated BSNs will not be accepted. It was a pleasant (sort of) fluke that I got her number, which was given to me by the ever-friendly and uber helpful recruiting staff at Continental Travel Nurse. They are excellent and I highly recommend calling them for guidance. I have called the NMC before, but was unable to get anyone with real insight, therefore I agreed to move to my husband's home country without the facts. They should simply add to the website the direct verbage, "If you are an American nurse with an accelerated BSN, please do not apply." Just as they do with the ADN, etc.

    Since it's been established that there are American BSNs with NMC approval, that also fell short of the requirements set out by the NMC, I'm wondering what the criteria is for dismissing the accelerated program? Baby RN -- were you able to include courses like Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, etc. to your total theoretical hour count? If so, I would be perplexed as to why the contact at the NMC said that these are prerequisites which are necessary to "commence the nursing program and cannot be included in the count." She did emphasize that their policies are based on EU and immigration law, thereby NMC's hands are tied.

    All of this sounds a bit confusing. I will be meeting with our local MP, to see if he can help me sort out the immigration and legal side of the policy. As for fighting tooth and nail for NMC registration, although this has devastated our plans to be in the U.K., they can keep it, and I will continue to be a happy, contributing member of American society. And at least the NMC offered me a refund for my application fee.
  6. by   C.Rene RN
    Hey, congrats Helricha! I appreciate your conversions etc. I was wondering if you could give me a little more info about the letter your dean wrote for you? Was it on University letterhead? Did you also have to get an 'official seal' on the letter? Was it addressed to the NMC in business letter format? Was it straight to the point of explaining the conversions, or did it include any other info? Thanks so much and good luck!
  7. by   C.Rene RN
    Quote from sarahaz
    Congrats on getting your acceptance letter. I just saw your post and 100% understand what you have been going through as I received my acceptance letter about 2 weeks before you and started this process with the IELTS on June 19th.

    I was also concerned about the difference between credits vs hours and possibly not having enough, but apparently, its not as big of an issue as it leads you to believe. For the conversions, I ended up doing the entire thing myself and hand walking the form to each of the schools I attended and having someone in authority sign and seal it for me. Otherwise, NO ONE had a clue of what I was asking them to do except for the head of the program at NAU, who was an amazing person and was able to get a PDF file of the worksheet I designed for conversion and do everything else on her own.

    I will be starting my ONP course in Jan at Bournemouth. What are your plans for taking that course?

    Hi Sarah. Congrats! How was the ONP class? I'm also hoping to take it at Bournemouth Uni ASAP! My application is complete thus far, minus the credit conversion sheet. My Uni hasnt been very helpful thus far, so I was interested in talking to you in regard to your experience converting credits to hours. How many did you end up submitting for theory and clinical hours? What did you submit to the NMC as an explanation of how your Uni converts credits to hours? I read in one post by Helricha stating that her dean wrote a letter explaining the breakdown to the NMC for her...did you do anything like this? My Uni has been so unhelpful that I dont think they could even write such a letter! Any suggestions? Also, once you got your approval letter, what was the process like applying to the ONP? I'm hoping to mail the final piece of my NMC application this week and fingers crossed I get approved, I'm really hoping to take the ONP class at Bournemouth Uni that starts April 20th. Do you think this is feasible if all goes well with my NMC app? Thanks so much for your time and insight. Hope things are going well for you!
  8. by   smitha 2010
    I would like to know whether NMC takes into consideration the annual leave time period into the experience of a candidate. Or are they asking for specific hours to be done in a certain time period for calculating the experience?
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Have you tried asking the NMC? they are usually very approachable when asking questions.
  10. by   plasmic
    Good day!Good thing I saw this topic as I am worried about my credentials.Can anyone confirm if the 2300hour clinical requirement. The NCM site indicates: "These are that you should have completed a three year full time course or a course totalling 4600 hours at post secondary level leading to registration as a general nurse. At least half of this course, 2,300 hours, must be in clinical or practical training, and at least one third, 1,533 hours, must be theoretical training."
    In my summary of RLE, it indicates that I only earned 2,144 hours. Because of this, I am hesitant to apply.Is this strictly considered? I graduated in 2008 and since then, I have also accomplished my post graduate experience requirement. Can this be included instead?

    Also, can someone advice me on what information should be included in the profession reference? Who are allowed to refer? Are nursing school teachers included?

  11. by   babyNP.
    In which country did you receive your training?

    From everything I've been able to comb over the internet, most BSN prepared US nurses will be able to pass the requirement despite not having the "required hours." Can't know until you try though...I will be applying later this fall.

    Keep us posted on how it goes if you decide to apply and best of luck!
  12. by   plasmic
    @ babyRN

    Thanks so much for the feedback!

    I received my training at a university here in the Philippines. I hope that my training would suffice as a lot of graduates from my school already are RNs at UK. So when I looked at the NMC site, I was suprised why our total clinical hours were shorter than that of UKs.

    So does this mean that NMC isn't necessarily legalistic with its requirements?

    Also, do you know what the required format is for professional references and can you tell me who I can use as one?

    thanks again and good luck to you as well.
  13. by   RNSunny
    Quote from plasmic
    @ babyRN

    So does this mean that NMC isn't necessarily legalistic with its requirements?
    From experience, the NMC will accept every application by merits. What I mean is that, application requirements may vary in different countries and states. For example, in Canada, requirements for nursing registration in BC can differ from those required by nursing Colleges (or registration bodies) in other jurisdictions such as Quebec, Ontario or Newfoundland.

    If in doubt, however, you could ask the NMC. Let us know through this forum how you are getting on with your application.

    be persevering!