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Have anyone dealt with CGFNS lately? How do you find their Customer Service Rep?... Read More

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    There are a couple of other approved agencies but a lot will depend on the state and what they require. Most states will only accept CGFNS
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    hello my status in CES is ready for review to all my requirements were sent already anyone out there who has any idea how many weeks more i have to wait before they issued the report?thanks
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    i just waited for like two weeks before they issued my report and i was really surprise because the waiting time is 6-10 weeks..
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    Quote from clau12
    For the second time CGFNS rejected my transcript based on little errors the school did.
    For example signature not on the right line, date not in the correct order.
    It's just weird that they can do whatever the want. Is there another body that does the same job as them?
    I am about the loose my BON fee due to the delay of CGFNS.
    Hopefully they will accept my third transcript attempt.
    hi, I would like to ask you about how you've sent your transcript for the second time after you had been rejected for the first time? Did CGFNS send your school a letter something like that? or Just you request your school to send it again with the corrections? Did you finally get a visascreen certificate?
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    They are very slow and never answer your questions accurately! Thanks good my BON accept other credential evaluation organization