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  1. I used Saunders 6th edition for content since I couldn't find the 5th edition and La Charity PDA book. I passed the test with 75 questions. :)
  2. How I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions

    Congratulations new RN! :)
  3. New York NCLEX: CVS I need help! :(

    HI Jen! I also applied in New York last year so I can help you with the application process. I believe you can use you debit card to pay for the CVS. Regarding your question #4 you have to send a hard copy of your cvs application with notarization to...
  4. Hold Pop UP???

    hi. I also got that message from NCSBN right after taking my NCLEX RN last month. It doesn't mean anything special. I think they send it to all test takers after taking their exam.
  5. It's official!!!!!!

    Congratulations! :)
  6. NCLEX in Nevada - Graduate from the Philippines

    thanks. So far I havent heard of anyone that got denied in Florida so I think it's still okay to apply in that state.
  7. affordable BLS/ACLS Training

    where are you located at?

    I used their service twice first for the CES and the second one is for the CVS. I remember I had a problem before regarding my transcript I just called them and the representative that I talked to was so nice and helped me with what I needed to get i...
  9. Nclex requirements

    check MN BON website and they have the steps on how to apply for licensure. here's the link Minnesota Nursing Board
  10. NCLEX Fail in 75 questions

    hi emmich. You are not the only one who failed with 75 questions. The first time I took my NCLEX I also failed with 75 q's. I know for sure I bombed it. I cried for one day and I rest for a week before studying again. I used Saunders 6th ed. After 2 ...
  11. NCLEX in Nevada - Graduate from the Philippines

    Yeah I applied in New York. It only took me 5 months to receive my eligibility letter from the BON and now I am an RN. :)
  12. Shut off at 75:: Good Pop Up lol!

    Congrats RN!
  13. NCLEX tomorrow

    Goodluck. I'll pray for you. :)

    I received mine as well via email. I printed it and brought my ATT to the testing center but they didnt ask for it. They just asked for my ID.
  15. Taking Nclex W/O Local License

    i applied in New York BON, took the NCLEX and now an RN without a local license in the Philippines.