Can someone enlighten me about the new CONCURRENCY ISSUE.

  1. Can someone enlighten me about the new CONCURRENCY issue regarding the NCLEX...
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from Hadassah16
    Can someone enlighten me about the new CONCURRENCY issue regarding the NCLEX...
    It is not related directly to NCLEX but the requirements of various state boards of nursing for eligibility for a nursing license by examination. The most common are CA BRN and NV BoN. Many internationally educated nurses, most represented in the nurse registration forum are educated in the Philippines but it affects others, did not complete clinical coursework concurrently with classroom theory for a variety of reasons. Once their application has been reviewed the board of nursing rejects the applicant with the condition that they can find an instate school to retake the deficiency clinical & theory component. This can be expensive and time consuming as very few schools offer this opportunity. Most common deficiencies are med-surg, OB/maternity, and psych.
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    Thank you so much JustBeachyNurse, I really do appreciate it. It doesn't apply to me. Thank you again.
  5. by   Esme12
    The concurrency issue isn't new but it is being enforced more strictly in this saturated market

    these are states having concerns over concurrent theory and practicum

    north dakota
  6. by   steppybay
    Yes, it's not a "new" rule or law, but has been in many state's nursing practice laws or by-laws or within their written rules and regulation policies.

    Some states are now enforcing them, such as CA (been in effect since 1987, enforcement started Nov. 2011), NV (since 1952, some have reported been affected since Aug. 2013).

    There are other states with just as old of these policies, even TX and NY (currently not enforcing at this point of time) and ALL of the states do have the right to enforce at any time, any day, any minute, if their regulations allows them to do so.