California NCLEX-RN passer w/o SSN wanting to apply for NY license:STEP BY STEP - page 8

I have seen alot of members who are asking for a STEP BY STEP guide on how to apply for a New York License most of them are experiencing the problem i have experienced before. I took up the NCLEX-RN last February 09, 2011 for... Read More

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    You need to send in your application to NY Bon website. All info is there. Also you will be required to complete a couple of online courses

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    @silverdragon: can you please post the websyt for me to check? how much it will cost to apply for eligibility since im done wth the cvs stage?
    $143-------------Application Fee
    $29---------------Continuing Education Fee
    $60---------------License Verification Fee
    is this correct?

    thank you
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    hi guys, I already sent my Form 1 and the reference on the post verified that it was successfully delivered. Now, my question is... How are you going to get a confirmation that they received my application form plus the payment of $143 bank draft etc? what was your experienced? i.e. Received email or letter of confirmation. Thanks
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    hello gud afternoon.

    i would just like to ask something about my application for the sate of New York..

    i am currently residing here in California as a permanent resident.. i was educated in the philippines and passed the Philippine NLE, as well.. but i havent had the chance to get my license in the Philippines coz after i took the board exam.. i went directly here in the US..

    I already applied for CGFNS CVS for New York State.. and mentioned there that i was never been able to get any professional license in any jurisdiction. the documents are already ready for submission to CGFNS..

    my question is.. do i need to have a local licensed where i got my education in order to apply for New York?

    my documents for NYSED are also ready for submission and i also indicated there that i havent got any professional license in any jurisdiction..

    another question.. should i submit FORM 1 to NYSED while im still applying for CGFNS CVS for New York State?

    thank you and hoping for an answer... it would be appreciated..

    God bless.
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    Can I do the CES instead of CVS on CGFNS?
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    Quote from Theking04
    Can I do the CES instead of CVS on CGFNS?
    Not if applying to NY. NY only accepts CVS.
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    Hi i have question regarding endorsement
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    nurse_jas1188 i need you...
    Here's my email address.
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    Quote from icurn_hmc
    Hi i have question regarding endorsement
    Post your questions, let members respond
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    My cali nclex is already is expired/not active since june 2012. It is possible that i can endorse to NY state? And one thing more i ddnt apply for visa screennand my ielts is expired too. thank you!

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