CA BRN new requirements for NCLEX RN international students - page 82

I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting for new requirements such as:... Read More

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    Hi dragon_lady! Do you know any contact number from CSU-Fresno? Thank you. my email ad is

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    Hi guys! I'm interested with the CSU-Fresno program too! Kindly PM me about the details of this program. Thanks!
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    Hi troikaenerio,
    Thanks for the information. I'm sorry I cannot reply to your personal messages. Do you have an email ad where I can contact you or fb? Yes I would be interested if the program pushes through.
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    Hi kuyafern pls email me the details about the CSU-Fresno I'm interested..... thanks! God bless!
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    Will there be any problem if I will endorse my license from New Mexico to California? I graduated from the Philippines and is now staying at California. Thanks
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    Quote from Theking04
    Will there be any problem if I will endorse my license from New Mexico to California? I graduated from the Philippines and is now staying at California. Thanks
    You will have to meet same requirements and if there are concerns of concurrency issues then you will not meet state requirements and not be able to endorse
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    Quote from jenkits
    Hello everyone! Mount St Mary College, Los Angeles does not have a wait list. According to the Admin Asst, admission to MS and OB classes is dependent on the Director of Nursing and upon completion on the following requirements: 1. Toefl minimun score 2132. Written recommendation from someone who is knowledgeable about the candidate3. Nursing entrance exam test4. Personal interview5. CPR/BLS6. Fire safety card7. Completed health insurance8. Malpractice insurance policy9. Criminal background10. Adequate transportation11. Current driver's license and auto insurance
    Hi jenkits, First I want to thank you for posting this helpful information. It's so nice of you to help. 😊 I recently got my letter from Cali Boards and they're requiring me to study MS and OB again and I'm interested in enrolling at MSMC or National University. I just want to know if your husband has successfully enrolled on either of these two schools? Or is he still on the waiting list? If you could give me more information about these two schools I will really appreciate. if you don't mind kindly msg me thru ym it's Thanks in advance.
    * I tried contacting them but they never return my call. Thanks again! 😊
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    Quote from proudpinay

    Can't find a school that will just accept my deficiencies..I want a school near from where I live too..
    From where are you proud pinay?
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    Hi Everyone!
    I just went to National University in San Diego for an inquiry for the taking the 2 subjects OB and Med-Surg and they told me that they are not offering a special classes but only as a package with the rest of the nursing course. Is it certain National University that are offering this special courses? if so which ones? Also, is there any other schools in San Diego that will accept this deficiencies?
    Thank you and God Bless!
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    Hello Kuyafern,
    I am interested to sign up for the CSU Fresno program, but I have a question. I have not yet received my declined letter from the BRN, but I am sure that my cases and theories are not concurrent. Can I still sign up for CSU Fresno?

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