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I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting for new requirements such as:... Read More

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    Quote from fim1234
    Thanks. I'm didn't take it yet. I'm giving myself 2 months to prepare.
    Thanks for the reply... Hope my cases are concurrent coz it's hard to focus on the exam if the papers are not yet smooth..

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    Both of your OB and MS CASES Are from 3rd yr? Did u mislead this? Thanks
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    I believe this what you are saying fim1234. The analyst is basing our theory and clinical rotation according to what the CHED is implementing. So it means that if you did not get your ob cases during ncm101, you're automatically not eligible? Pls correct me if I'm wrong. But why are they basing it in our cases?
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    sorry for misinformation. so i checked my transcript and cases again.
    i graduated year 2011.
    NCM 101: OB during 3rd year 1st semester = june - august 2009 ---- all my ob cases is august 2009
    NCM 102-103: MS during 3rd year 2nd semester = november - march 2009-10 --- all my MS cases is January, February, April

    * since my school has summer classes i got some cases in summer -april

    @retetestis i think thats the reason of cali BRN for declining applicants. in short they dont allow completion of cases.
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    Thanks a lot
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    I got my ob cases during my ncm 104 and 105 and MS cases during ncm 105. crap!

    @fim1234, how about your clinical rotation schedule. Did you had your rotation to DR only during your ncm101?

    So what they really mean is our theory or class must be concurrent with our cases NOT our clinical rotation because we have different ward/area during one semester!??
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    Goodluck with that. I think the real issue here is concurrency of lectures and cases. I'm not sure if wards are also checked.
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    @ firm1234..Congats on your eligibility!!!...btw is it your first time to sit for NCLEX-RN?Im wishing you all the best for this exam,be really prapare for it so you will not encounter again the prob.that we have now..because we dont know what will CABON requires other IEN grads.again the next you better nail that exam!!!!...jusy have faith..
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    Quote from fim1234
    Goodluck with that. I think the real issue here is concurrency of lectures and cases. I'm not sure if wards are also checked.
    @FIRM - After you submitted your cases to the BRN, did they still ask for your logbook and clinical rotation schedules, etc? or were you good to go?
    Thank you firm.
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    They asked for curriculum and academic schedule together with the cases. And after I and my school submitted that I got my eligibility.

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