13 states with same CA BON concurrency issues - page 7

i knew of the recent vt denials and just as of yesterday my friend's letter of rejection from az, same as ca bon's reason. let's all thank our ched, prc and pna for doing a "great" job of not meeting the states minimum... Read More

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    hi good day. i would like to ask if what state is better in taking NCLEX RN? also in terms of living there? thank u!

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    NCLEX is a national exam. There is no difference in the exam from state to state. There is no state that is "easier" than naother.
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    hi has anyone here passed the NCLEX RN with california but case was abandoned due to failure to provide SSN? What is your option now?
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    @steppybay have you been eligible na in other states. im here in cali. and i dont know which state to apply to. to others who are reading this please help me. i need to find a state that we are eligible. thank you very much
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    Hi steppybay! I find most of your posts very informational Thank you! I,myself, is a newly grad and foreign trained. Ive been doing my own research and I am kinda stuck with the state to which I should apply. Most of my fambam and friends are in Cali but with the concurrency issues, i guess i have scratched CA out. Now, aside from the states that you have mentioned above, in your own opinion, which state would you recommend a newbie, foreign graduate to apply at? Please feel free to share your thoughts cuz as of this point, any information would help me to gain new insights.Thanks in advance!
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    Who here applied for oregon?
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    hi there. i'm planning on taking nclex to new mexico, my concern is if NM applied the concurrency issue as well, and when did you pass your exam?
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    I just got my ATT from TX.. u can apply there guys
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    @troi, whats are the requiremenst for applying licensure in texas? thank you
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    Quote from DianaBG10
    @troi, whats are the requiremenst for applying licensure in texas? thank you
    Check the BON website, everything should be listed there. Link can be found at the bottom of the page

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