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My CNO application has finally arrived and they told me that I did not meet the program requirement for registration as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. The CNO even told me that they compared my... Read More

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    Quote from louie_philip22
    i'm also from philippines. are you a registered nurse in the philippines?..i'm not registered there because i just graduated last year and i wasn't able to take the board exam because we moved here in canada...
    Check with the college but usually you are expected to be registered in the country where you took your training

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    Hi Everybody,

    Can you guys please help me with this? I just recieved my entry to practice for RPN. I am confused whether i should answer the ones which are marked or the ones which are not marked. Please please ....tel me.
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    Those ones that are not met...
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    u mean to say the ones which are marked?
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    I have a trouble in answering the competency number 30. Plans to incorporate the determinants of health into all aspects of care. I am an RPN in my country guys....can anybody please healp me with this one?
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    Thank you so much for this topic. Now, I feel I will not be rejected by the CNO, SHMG! (So Help Me God)
    I am from the Phil. A registered nurse and a registered midwife, graduate of Our Lady of Fatima Univ.
    I received my application form from the CNO and I am hesitant of sending my papers back because of the thought of being disapproved 90% as told by an agency here that assists professional nurses here in taking a course for 1year in Canada before the CRNE.
    Can you tell me how long will I wait for the reply from the CNO regarding my assessment?
    I really wanted to take the Feb 6, 2013 CRNE. Do you think I can make it on time if I file today?
    jvre888 I admire you! Congratulations.
    I want to take the Toronto School of Health short course program for CRNE preparation.
    Do you do study by your own? Have you applied for a visa already?
    My contact is ************
    I hope to hear from you. Any advise will do. God bless.
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    No one knows until your application is assessed whether you have to do the SEC or similar assessment. Only then will a decision be made to whether you need to do any courses to meet College requirements. Agency will tell you anything if it means you have to pay them
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    hi missysg! im also an IEN from the philippines. after 18 months of waiting for the decision of CNO, just last aug received a letter stating that i didnt meet the requirements for general nursing. and need to justify the "not met" competencies. i already started with my competencies but some are just really confusing. how did u answer the above competencies? thanks in advance
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    can anyone explain what the following competency means?
    Competency #106: Collaborates with health care team members to respond to changes in the health care system by:
    (A) Recognizing and analysing changes that affect own practice and client care
    (B) Developing strategies to manage changes affecting one’s practice and client care
    (D)Evaluating effectiveness of strategies implemented to change nursing practice.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
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    I am a Philippine RN and also a Philippine Midwife. Got my eligibility after 9 months of assessment, I am actually one of the applicant who was given a Baccalaureate Equivalency Table, but they changed it into CAS which most applicant been receiving now. Now, I hold a current General Class RN registration in the CNO.

    Just an advice, pls do work really hard on your CAS because that appealing process will going to help you to meet the current degree in Nursing in ontario. Goodluck folks.

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