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I received an recruitment email from Delta Healthcare Providers. I replied and ask that the recruited please address me by my title in the future. I think we deserve professional respect. I was nice... Read More

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    Well, I have to admit that Delta contacted me and did the right thing. You can't blame one person for the company. Delta was very nice and I have to retract what I said about the company. Just don't use that recruiter.

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    I have to say for all the things there are to complain about such as salary or conditions of the facility you are upset because the recruiter didn't call you by your title and instead used your name..... It seems petty and a waste of anger and energy.
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    OP, you just sound like this is your first job ever. Your post made me laugh. And you made the agency peeps laugh too.
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    On the chance of sounding dumb..what do you call an NP? I've always used first names!
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    First, the non NPs, don't bother replying. No offense but your opinion does not mean much.
    For the others, you are sadly missing the point. The point is the snarky response to my polite request. The point is not about not being called Dr., although we could have a separate discussion about professionalism.
    I actually thought NPs would want to know about a company with this type of attitude, I was wrong about this particular forum.
    So for those of you having reading comprehension issues, re-read slowly and realize what the point is.
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    Quote from brithoover
    On the chance of sounding dumb..what do you call an NP? I've always used first names!
    It looks like the OP has a doctorate degree so she wants to be addressed in accordance with that.
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    I do agree that if we as APNs go the distance to obtain a doctorate, that we should be addressed as Doctor when in a professional setting.

    Its nice that they made this right with you.
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    I think the OP got bent out of the frame because of the snotty reply. So what? Just don't do business with them. I have had a few companies rub me the wrong way. I just don't take their calls and don't do business with them. I don't go around whining about it.

    BTW, I am of the direct opposite opinion as traumarus though.
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    You may consider it whining while I consider it defending our practice and furthering the NP cause. It is why I whine to get full staff membership and whine to get the practice privileges NP deserve. It is why I whine to our representatives about NP practice. It is why I whine and support my PA Collegues in their battles.
    And yes, I whine to correct clueless head hunters who refer to NPs as midlevel practitioners.
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    I'm not an NP (not yet anyway) but I think that the OP makes a valid point. The OP politely asked the recruiter to address him/her by his/her proper title (Dr. ABC) and instead of the recruiter politely apologizing and complying with the request the recruiter had to make a quip that was rude and unprofessional. I think that if you earned a title then you should be addressed by that title, especially in the professional setting. It seems like a basic concept in business and professionalism to me.

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