What speciality of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are allowed to perform Abortions?

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    Hi! I was simply curious about this, as I know certain nurses can perform abortions (not just OB-GYNs). I'm not looking to start an abortion-related debate or anything here.

    But what kind of education does a person need to become a nurse capable of performing abortions?
    Is it a Neonatal NP, an Acute NP, or can a Family NP do it?

    Also, could an NP open their own abortion clinic if they chose to?

    Forgive me for any ignorance with this question!
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    NPs can not perform abortions.
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    Quote from loriangel14
    NPs can not perform abortions.
    Really? I thought NPs performed them legally in Arizona, for instance.
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    I actually have no idea, but Kudos for asking a thought provoking and relevant question!
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    According to this link:
    National Abortion Federation: Clinicians for Choice: Resource Center

    NPs can legally perform abortions in Montana, Vermont, Rhode Island, California, and New Hampshire. Apparently, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Oregon, New Jersey, and Washington State have issued opinions saying NPs can do abortions, too.

    But it still doesn't explain *which* NPs are qualified to do them, though.
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    It's possible that all NP's might be able to do it, but I think a Women's Health NP would be the best fit for it.
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    Interesting : )
    I know Sally Tisdale (who wrote that famous article "We Do Abortions Here" in Harper's Magazine) is a BSN nurse. I don't know if she had her independent clinic, though.
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    Not really any help with your question but as a side note; one of my instructors in my NP program was a devout catholic.

    She made it well known she was anit-abortion, which is perfectly fine for her opinion. But she told us in class that we should not even direct a pt to a phone number where she could get information. She stated "They can find their own information and phone numbers, we don't need to be helping these women."

    I thought we were there to help our pts with referrals and options. I didn't question this as I didn't want to open up a can of worms but I thought it was inappropriate of her to say this in class.
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    I don't have an answer, but I do know there is a program at Univ of Cal San Francisco where advanced practice nurses are being trained to perform first-trimester abortions; a study is going on there to determine whether they can be performed as safely by NPs as by MDs. I'm sure you can get more information by contacting someone there who is working with the study.

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