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Taking ANCC exam tomorrow

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    I'm scheduled to take the ANCC exam in the morning 7/7. I've been studying for 8hrs/daily for the past 6 weeks and I don't feel ready. Does everyone ever feel completely ready and 100% confident prior to taking the exam?
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    No, you will never feel "completely ready". In fact, I didn't even think I passed the AANP exam after I took it so I was really surprised when it said I passed . If you have been studying for 8 hours a day for 6 weeks then you are as ready as you ever will be. Take a deep breath, relax, hope for the best and good luck!! I am sure you will do great!!!!
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    You will never be 100% prepared, for the exam or for practice, but remember that the exam is a bare minimum competency exam; to fail it you would have to be in the bottom 10-15% of entry-to-practice exam takers! Trust in your education and your preparation.
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    All my classmates have been passing AANP and ANCC but I don't think any of us felt ready or confident. Remember you can get many questions wrong but still pass. Don't let it throw you. Read the questions carefully and trust your schooling and all that prep you did. Good luck!! Go rock that exam!
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    Buena suerte!!!
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    How'd you do?