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I was wondering what the avg salary is for FNPs in retail clinics such as minute clinic and take care health clinics. And what about per diem shifts? I'm seriously considering working in such a setting a few years after getting... Read More

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    Which is why I said the APN must be "adventurous". Read that, "highly structured" and able/willing to follow rote protocols. Stepping out of said protocols is "practicing medicine w/o a license".

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    I can't imagine treating a patient according to an algorithm.
    I can't imagine any NP agreeing to such a thing.
    Just does not make sense.
    I don't think legally the clinic can "hold" you to any algorithm.
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    Legally, I don't know, but as a condition of employment? And working with the sure knowledge the "clinic" will NOT back you up if you deviate form said algorithm? I would definitely be wary.
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    Why would you think that practicing without protocols is "practicing medicine without a license"?I practice independently and even if a site had "protocols", there is nothing illegal about not following them.
    Quote from sirI
    Which is why I said the APN must be "adventurous". Read that, "highly structured" and able/willing to follow rote protocols. Stepping out of said protocols is "practicing medicine w/o a license".
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    i heard it's 42 per hour in cali for minute clinics
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    Also these clinics only treat very basic things. I called once to see if i could get some prednisone and inhaler for my asthma and they are not allowed to treat that.
    It is basically very low skill use.
    I think it is a waste of our skills as NPs and would be afraid I would lose skills if I only worked in such a clinic.
    a True urgent care is much better use of our brains and education.
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    $50ish an hour is typical $3 more for weekends, and a CVS gift card as an incentive...and as far as the protocols, one of my pt's said, hey you read the questions and click the answer and the computer tells you what to do...yes sadly thats what it felt like too and that was my last week at MC
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    The market has found a way to prey on the intermediate care provider's interest in autonomy. An MD or DO would be prohibitively expensive and cut into their profit margin so they try to figure out a way to legally use the NP or PA but still cover their own a**e* in case something goes wrong. As long as intermediate provivers consent to their retail rules, they'll keep trying. I just read a survey that talked about the NPs having to do all their own paperwork and clean the clinic. Please! Retail is about profit, not about good medicine. I hope every provider involved refuses to be treated this way or practice medicine this way. The clinics are a good idea but the way they're being implemented needs to be "nipped in the bud, Andy; nip it in the bud" (Barney Fife, 1960-something).
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    Please enlighten us as to what an "intermediate care provider" is?
    I am certainly not an "intermediate care provider".
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    In regards to some of the comments that Retail clinics are bad medicine and a waste of education for an NP I have to disagree. I'm a new grad and its seems like a safe environment to learn basic, common illnesses that happen commonly. If the treatment is evidenced-based and the NP is the one diagnosing and determing what treatment is appropriate, whats wrong with that?
    My plan, if I choose this path, is to get my feet wet, enjoy my small children and be close to home while getting paid well ($50-60/hr in my area) and then if i so choose, move on as an experienced NP..
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