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    Hello i am now a BC NNP and I just got my first NP job!
    Now, last year when I checked requirements for a furnishing license, the BRN required some supervised hours since I didn't have a job, I didn't apply for it.
    Now that I have a job and went into the application, the hours are not required any longer. From previous post I have read that these hours are eliminated but I have also read that the physicians signature is still needed.

    1. Where is the signature needed? I did not see a spot for the signature in the application. or
    is it only needed in the clinical setting.

    2. So that means I can just submit the application, my 50 dol and verification of the pharmacology course, that is what the current application says.

    3. Did this just came into effect this year?

    4. HOw about a DEA number, do I apply for it after my furnishing license, or at the same time?

    Thank you
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    We Americans gotta know - what is a furnishing license?
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    Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Number

    The BRN issues a furnishing number to a nurse practitioner that allows him or her to "order" or furnish drugs and devices to patients using approved standardized procedures. A nurse practitioner with a furnishing number may obtain a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number if they want to order controlled substances as needed for patient care.

    Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Number Application - CA Board of Nursing

    Section 2836.3 of the Business and Professions Code requires that the Nurse Practitioner who wishes to furnish drugs and/or devices pursuant to Section 2836.1 have a California Board of Registered Nursing issued furnishing number. The number is renewable at the time of the applicant’s Registered Nursing (RN) license renewal. To be eligible for the furnishing number, the California Board of Registered Nursing certified Nurse Practitioner must have completed a California Board of Registered Nursing approved advanced pharmacology course. The advanced pharmacology course must be completed at any nationally accredited master’s or post-master’s level academic Nurse Practitioner program. Continuing Education course(s) are not acceptable to meet the Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Number advanced pharmacology course requirement.

    Further info in this AN Thread by juan de la cruz AN Guide:

    Obtaining a furnishing license - Nurse Practitioners (NP)
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    OP, I obtained a Furnishing License before the new rules took effect (when we were required to have supervised hours). I would direct your question to the Board of Registered Nursing.

    I can answer your DEA question, however. It is best to apply for a DEA License before you apply for a Furnishing License and I'll tell you why. It is easy to get one online: DEA Diversion Control Program Registration Applications

    Having a DEA License in California is only one step in obtaining the privilege to furnish for controlled substances (we can write for Schedule 2 to 5). The other step is to make sure your application for Furnishing License include proof of having a DEA License and attendance of a CME on prescribing controlled substances approved by the board. By doing this, you will have an expanded furnishing authority that allows you to write both non-controlled and controlled substances here in California. See:

    I know these involve a lot of steps, more than other states require. However, once you get these in place you will have no issues in your practice. BTW, where do you work as an NNP? Be aware that employees of state-run facilities are exempt from paying the DEA application fee.
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    NRSKaren: Thanks for 'splaining that. "Furnishing" is such a roundabout term for what sounds to be prescribing in the broad sense of the word and might be politically tinged (?).
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    Califonia, the unofficial bastion of political correctness uses the term "furnishing" instead of the physician-centric term "prescribing" because NP's practice Nursing and not Medicine. Only NP's and CNM's can furnish in CA, CRNA's and CNS's do not. Incidentally, PA's do not write precriptions here either, they write "drug orders" under a supervising physician.
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    Well, unfortunately I sent my furnishing application first. And I'm about to send the DEA one. I'll be working for UCSD medical center so I don't think they'll cover it. Is it gonna be a problem having gotten the furnishing before the DEA ?
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    Quote from anali
    Well, unfortunately I sent my furnishing application first. And I'm about to send the DEA one. I'll be working for UCSD medical center so I don't think they'll cover it. Is it gonna be a problem having gotten the furnishing before the DEA ?
    It's not going to be a problem applying for Furnishing first. If it gets approved before you submit your DEA, all that will mean is that you can only furnish non-controlled meds - can be a problem in an in-patient setting or a practice that treats pain. I also work for the UC system in one of their medical centers. I am exempt from paying the California DEA application fee as a state employee and I don't see why UCSD is different?
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    That sounds great...
    so i was reading and it said that along with the application for furnishing I had to turn in a request for schedule II substances to the BRN, once I get that then I can get my DEA.
    How did you get the fee exemption?
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    You should be able to apply for both. The BRN and DEA are separate agencies. You do have to request to furnish schedule II and above in the BRN application and it's not going to be approved without a DEA license which you separately apply for. Without a DEA you will receive a furnishing license that does not allow you to furnish schedule II.

    If you know a few NP's look their name up on the BRN online license verification system and you'll find that in their furnishing info, there is an additional note that indicates if they furnish controlled substances or not.

    In the online application for a DEA number, a question is asked whether you're fee exempt. You will check that off to say yes and answer which state agency allows you to waive the fee, type the name of the medical center in the answer box. This is something I was told during the pre-employment process at work.
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