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  1. anali

    Willing to relocate for a NICU job- help pleasee

    yeas management... many changes that we are not used to... but it is a great place to learn! great team work and great co workers! any advice? I 'm planning on mocing to san francisco an I need a NICU job full time level 3 I hae 4 years of experience. good luck!
  2. anali

    Willing to relocate for a NICU job- help pleasee

    try white memorial WMMC in los angeles, we are loosing nurses left and right. we have a level 3 unit but no surgeries. GReat place to learn basic skills, time management, creitical thinking.
  3. anali

    UCSF acceptance letters?

    i got in for the NNP prgram for this Fall! so now to look for a place and a job (i am from LA)
  4. anali

    UCSF FNP Anyone heard??

    I applied for the NNP program and I'm in!!!!! good luck everyone!
  5. hello, I was recently accepted into the UCSF program (MS- NNP)!!!! I am very excited. howeer, I do need to keep a job full-time (immigration requirement). i am looking for a job near by, around the area in a NICU level 3 unit! I have 4 years of experience. PLease if you can help me contact managers i'll be very grateful... I don't een know the big hospitals in taht area... and if I can have a direct phone number or email for a manager that'll be even better!!! thanks Anali