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  1. anali

    NNP Study Materials

    Hi! I just took my NCC test last October. A I did was the pediatrix review and studied the whole core curriculum book. Cover to cover. I passed!
  2. anali

    Questions about Furnishing License and DEA

    That sounds great... so i was reading and it said that along with the application for furnishing I had to turn in a request for schedule II substances to the BRN, once I get that then I can get my DEA. How did you get the fee exemption?
  3. anali

    Questions about Furnishing License and DEA

    Well, unfortunately I sent my furnishing application first. And I'm about to send the DEA one. I'll be working for UCSD medical center so I don't think they'll cover it. Is it gonna be a problem having gotten the furnishing before the DEA ?
  4. Hello i am now a BC NNP and I just got my first NP job! Now, last year when I checked requirements for a furnishing license, the BRN required some supervised hours since I didn't have a job, I didn't apply for it. Now that I have a job and went into the application, the hours are not required any longer. From previous post I have read that these hours are eliminated but I have also read that the physicians signature is still needed. 1. Where is the signature needed? I did not see a spot for the signature in the application. or is it only needed in the clinical setting. 2. So that means I can just submit the application, my 50 dol and verification of the pharmacology course, that is what the current application says. 3. Did this just came into effect this year? 4. HOw about a DEA number, do I apply for it after my furnishing license, or at the same time? Thank you
  5. anali

    Willing to relocate for a NICU job- help pleasee

    yeas management... many changes that we are not used to... but it is a great place to learn! great team work and great co workers! any advice? I 'm planning on mocing to san francisco an I need a NICU job full time level 3 I hae 4 years of experience. good luck!
  6. anali

    Willing to relocate for a NICU job- help pleasee

    try white memorial WMMC in los angeles, we are loosing nurses left and right. we have a level 3 unit but no surgeries. GReat place to learn basic skills, time management, creitical thinking.
  7. anali

    UCSF acceptance letters?

    i got in for the NNP prgram for this Fall! so now to look for a place and a job (i am from LA)
  8. anali

    UCSF FNP Anyone heard??

    I applied for the NNP program and I'm in!!!!! good luck everyone!
  9. hello, I was recently accepted into the UCSF program (MS- NNP)!!!! I am very excited. howeer, I do need to keep a job full-time (immigration requirement). i am looking for a job near by, around the area in a NICU level 3 unit! I have 4 years of experience. PLease if you can help me contact managers i'll be very grateful... I don't een know the big hospitals in taht area... and if I can have a direct phone number or email for a manager that'll be even better!!! thanks Anali