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I just got accepted into a psych nurse practitioner program....However, I now have a second thought on accepting it after talking to a couple of PA and MD. I was told that unless I have some sort of... Read More

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    Whom ever you spoke with was less than honest with you. I just graduated from a PMHNP program in May. I live on the Iowa/South Dakota boarder. I posted a resume on Monster and in less than 24 hours I had over 35 requests for interviews all over the country. I had over 10 requests in Iowa, and 5 in Minnesota. I am not sure where you live in SD, but in Iowa, we are desperate. They are dying to hire midwest raised psych np's. Go for it you wont be sorry. As far as your school loans, Most of Iowa is a high need area, I am sure SD is to, which means you can apply to get upto $50k of your student loans paid off for a 2 year commitment.
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    out of 6 current federal np openings, 2 are mental health, both with the higher-end salaries. i think you will be fine~
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    Psych NP's are in demand here in Maine.
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    I should also note that I get several recruitment notices each week from all over the US.
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    I just spoke with someone here in my area about the demand for Psych NPs and she said I will have offers before Im done with school. She said they are VERY MUCH in demand in my area (sigh of relief for me), there are not enough RNs in school to become PsychNPs. And as you know the field of psych is growing by leaps and bounds.

    But I will say I dont see any jobs advertised in the paper or online--so dont go by that. I was really worried about that before I was able to speak to more people about it who actually are the ones looking and doing the hiring.
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    I have even had one headhunter try to get to me through my husband by offering him his dream job in operations a power plant in order to persuade me into moving and accepting a job I don't really want. Anywhere in midwest is in high need for psych np's. Anyone close to graduation put a resume up on Monster, you will more calls in 24 hours than you can handle!
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    Can anyone give insight as to the need for/compensation for psych NPs in the Boston area? Thank you!
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    my instructor told us with the need here (midwest) not to take anything less than 90k. I would assume that would apply (compensation wise) to the Boston area.
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    Wow 90k starting out? That's better than I thought! I'm so torn between psych NP and psychologist, not that pay is everything but it definitely piques my interest towards NP.
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    I am in the state where Psych NPs do not have much autonomy; therefore, starting salary may not be as much as in the midwest (not 90k). I got mixed response regarding demand VS supply from NPs working in this state. I was told by one professor that they only hire psychiatrists and social workers in the city area.

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