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NP App?

  1. 0 Hi - I am looking for app suggestions for adult/gero NP use. Of course it doesn't have to be NP specific; I was just wondering if anyone has found any super helpful drug/reference/procedure apps?

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    Apps I use more or less daily:

    UpToDate, Micromedix Interactions, ICD9 Consult, ECW, Medscape
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    UpToDate is what I use all the time. Fortunately our practice buys our subscriptions....about $450 per year.
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    A little hint: the student rate is 350 for two years. Well worth it. Buy a new two yet sub right before you graduate and be set for two years, that is if your practice won't cover it.
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    I use uptodate constantly. I have to pay for it myself, but for the peace of mind it gives me, it is well worth it.
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    Thanks for the replies (and tips)! I can get up to date access through my school right now - I am thinking it will be worth the money in the future.