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Now I finally get why nursing experience can prove invaluable in NP school, yet actually means nothing. It appears that nursing experience gives a valuable base from which to relate but does... Read More

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    you are wrong. follow the link I posted???? SERIOUSLY???

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    you are wrong. follow the link I posted
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    Quote from PetsToPeople
    Just FYI, the direct entry NP program at Vanderbilt requires a BSN, not sure about the others...and their Neonatal NP program requires 2 yrs experiance, not sure about the other NP programs that they offer there.

    I have been trying to do research on which school I want to attend, but I am coming to realize I have to call and actually talk to someone in order to get all the details
    Wrong. go click on the vandy link I posted.
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    Wow, rediculous. Thanks OP, I really liked your original post because I was going back in forth between whether to get more bedside experiance before going into an NP program, but I am not wanting to loose a lot of time because I am not exactly a spring chicken, you know what I mean. But as great as the first few posts were, as usual with Allnurses, the thread has turned into a fight.
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    Not a fight,

    A correction of commonly held beliefs that are false. did you click on that vandy link?
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    Quote from mindlor
    Not a fight,

    A correction of commonly held beliefs that are false. did you click on that vandy link?

    Appreciate your links here, and thanks.
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    BCGradnurse -

    I'm sorry for offending you with my post. I probably should've explained better what I meant. I was around when the nurse practitioner movement started. Back then it was the years of experience as a nurse that prepared one for a unique and expanded role as a practitioner. It has evolved since then but the name has stayed the same. What does the inclusion of the word mean to you if you've never worked as a nurse, though? I don't ask that out of hostility. I'm just curious.
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    Quote from mindlor
    To Nurse56,

    Little schools such as Vanderbilt, Columbia University, Yale, Duke, Case Western, Johns Hopkins and many many more have direct entry or RN-MSN programs that require zero bedside nursing experience....

    Your beef should be with the NLNAC that sanctions these programs.
    I'm currently deciding between PA vs ANP route. I've been an RN for 19 years.

    It just torques me off that I spent all these years in the trenches... and for what?
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    Quote from Guttercat
    Appreciate your links here, and thanks.
    My pleasure I am glad someone found them to be useful. There are hundreds more top schools that have such programs.
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    Quote from mindlor
    (they do very well bTW, with 6 figures to start being common, dependent upon geographic location.)
    You mean depending on whether or not they get a job?

    The new grad NP job situation is even worse here than it is for new grad RNs. Anecdotally, even worse for direct entry folks because they don't have the reference base that nurses who "put in their time" have. Although, let's face it, the mandatory bedside time is just nursing's desperate attempt to make the NP position look more than "I couldn't get into med school or didn't want to go med school but I still want to be a doctor."

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