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Hello Everyone, I am a new graduate nurse practitioner in the Atlanta area. Graduated Dec 2011, passed both ANCC and AANP 1st wek of April 2012, and just recieved my Georgia NP license. Problem is that eveyone I have applied... Read More

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    Thank you very much. I will apply now.
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    Hi abiagirlnp,

    I really wish you good luck in your job searching, and I really empathize with you.
    If you don't mind, what NP program did you do, am just curious as I am just applying for the NP programs. I also have pending student loans from my previous Masters and current ABSN, so I have been asking questions as to what NP program I should go for. I am scared of getting additional student loans, and not getting a job afterward.

    I am swinging between FNP, ANP and ACNP. What is your take on this, or anyone out there can also advise me on this. Thanks
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    What about the hospital system where you worked as an RN?

    I know in my area, new grad APN openings are few and far between.

    Don't give up!
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    I am currently talking with my hospital recruiters. They also have a lot of employees (current nurses who also just passed their APN Boards) waiting for the few slots that they will supposedly created in a few months. One of them told me that If I had critical care experience, my situation would have been better, even without experience. I just don't want to leave all my eggs in one basket. It seems like every nurse in my facility is going back to schoolto obtainf their APN. It is a good thing, but at the same time, my area is almost saturated.
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    I did ANP. I am planning to go back for my Doctorate sometime in the future, but wants to wait to see what ANCC and company wants to do with all the certifications first. From what I have read so far, it seems like every title will come under fire sooner or later. Another questions I want answered is why do I need to spend more money for an education (DSN in this case) that will only add more money to my student loans, and none to my pocket? But, since this is the least of my problems right now, I will try to focus on securing a job first.
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    Abiagirlnp are you willing to do homecare? Or does it have to be clinic/office?
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    No, it does not have to be in a clinic/office. I will be more than willing to do homecare. I did it as an RN and really liked it. Thank you for caring Tinabeanrn.
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    keep trying!! Don't give up. I just graduated (May 5th), took ANCC 5/10...had a job back in March (so imagine the Actually had a handful of interviews/job offers. In fact in the past five days I've had two practices send me an email via Indeed telling me they'd like to interview me. Have you posted your resume on If not, do so...75% of the contacts I had (interviews & job offers) came from potential employers who contacted me thru, although the position I accepted did not come from there but I had actual offers that started thru keep looking...or perhaps start looking differently. hope it helps!


    Somewhere in Georgia
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    Abiagirlnp, I used to live in Cobb Co. What a small world. Did you go to high school there.? Good luck on the job hunt. I have no idea what awaits me when it's my turn, but that is at least 3-4 yrs away. There does seem to be a need for FNPs currently so I hope that still applies by then
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