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Im very interested in getting an advanced practice degree sometime in my future. Im currently an ADN working on my BSN which will be done next year this time. Im really wondering if NP school is... Read More

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    Quote from irish_rainbow
    I would have not gone to school for my Masters if it had been $100k! NO! There are people that do it, I even work with a few. It boils down to what you really want... but for me I am terrified of debt. Also, I think it's a good idea to look for public universities that have hospitals you can work at with a tuition discount. I did this and my Masters education cost me about $7k including books and fees.
    Thank you! Nothing wrong with going to a nice public university with a good local reputation. The cost of my tuition and books is 18k. My hospital has assisted me with 5k of that cost, meaning my MSN-FNP is costing me 13k. This December I will be graduating debt free, and a friend of mine I know going to Georgetown will have over 70k in debt. Granted she didn't have to find preceptors and I did, but I'll take the 70k in savings to do a little of the leg work myself.
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    Hi! Can you elaborate on what you mean by dnp is another story
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    Being in FNP definitely worth it do it
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