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Help! FNP vs. ANP

  1. 0 I just earned my BS in Biology this summer. I am planning on applying to accelerated Direct entry programs to get my master's degree. I'm noticing that a lot of the programs require a specialty and I'm having a difficult time picking. does anyone know the real difference between adult and family NPs? i'm interested in community and home-based care. which specialty would lend itself to this?
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    I moved your post from the Retired/Inactive Nurses Forum to the Nurse Practitioner Forum so that you get the most responses.
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    Unless you have a very deep desire to avoid children as patients altogether, I would always pursue the broader license (FNP) because of the job opportunities in my area. My employer only hires FNP because it is not feasible to have a provider (MD or PA or NP) here cannot see children. I work in a busy primary care practice.

    I would assess your own interests and balance that with the job outlook in your area.
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    Thanks westcoastgirl! That helps a lot!
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    I too advise the broadest scope of practice - FNP is the way to go IMHO.
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    After much thought about this same issue, I have decided that I want to pursue the FNP track. My reason is that I want to see a patients from different scopes of the life span. I want to be able to know that I can see the peds population and even do womens health. My brother who is an MD in Maryland told me that MD's prefer to hire FNP because they can then expand their practices and see children.
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    I pursued an ANP because I have zero desire to treat children or pregnant women. And where I live, very, very few parents take their kids to a family practice. They go to pediatricians. Different strokes for different folks. Listen to your gut and go with it. I am very happy with the decision I made, as it allowed me to take a lot of gerontology courses as well.