FNP new grad -- offered a GI job -- should I take it?

  1. Just received an offer from a GI practice, and I am a new grad, which is nice, as the market is so tight. Wished I could find a strict family practice type position, but there just don't seem to be any openings that don't ask for 1-2 years of experience.

    Doc is great, practice is really close to my house, and the hours are great. Job seems easy ...mainly doing H&P's, and seeing pts at the hospital after their surgeries, etc.

    Pay is on the low side, but hubby makes a decent salary, so I'm not clamoring for a huge salary to start ...

    My question is, can I at least eventually move into more family practice type roles as time goes on? Or will I get pidgeon holed? Don't really want to do GI for the rest of my life, but I don't mind starting out and learning ... part of me always did want to do a speciality, for the narrower focus and perhaps a bit less stress ...I don't know what to think.

    Wish our market wasn't so tight ...it's just saturated where I live.
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  3. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    Are they going to teach you to do colon/sigmoid/endoscopy? If yes, then I would go for it. If not, I'd only do it if the work engages you. Doing in-patient care would be good experience I would think. Just as long as you don't get stuck seeing all the IBS patients in the office!
  4. by   Aussierules1985
    Having to be forced to stay in an area is a serious limitation to finding a good job. Personally i'd take it if you like the work and the people. Finding ideal jobs are hard to come by straight out. They never offer great pay that early IMO... but after a year on a review, if you are really efficient, you may be able to negotiate a better pay or pay for performance. My new job gave me both, but its a new clinic, so I of course have to stay for a couple years to see the pay-for-performance.

    Good luck!
  5. by   apocatastasis
    You need to check with your board. In Texas, the board has really cracked down on scope of practice issues like Adult Health CNS practicing psychiatry and FNPs doing inpatient rounding.
  6. by   pilgrim192
    Can adult health CNS practice psychiatry?
  7. by   pilgrim192
    OP, ALWAYS negotiate your salary. Even if hubbs has a good one. We aprns as a group need to raise our salaries or at least keep them from dropping.
  8. by   myelin
    Quote from pilgrim192
    OP, ALWAYS negotiate your salary. Even if hubbs has a good one. We aprns as a group need to raise our salaries or at least keep them from dropping.
    Thank you. Every time I see someone say they didn't bother negotiating, I just cringe. It hurts the field and reinforces the idea that women don't take their careers as seriously as men. Always negotiate.
  9. by   bsnanat2
    I too have been offered GI position. I've just graduated and a couple of orthos have mentioned interviews. I love ortho but don't love the hours they put in....my family situation just won't allow for it. The GI position is with a solid practice who have made the decision to pursue NP's over PA's. I am planning to take it, but will make sure I negotiate something (such as CME's or vacation) even if I like the pay offer.

    Blue Devil NP, do you know of any info on NP's doing endoscopy, etc. I have just begun my research on this. I ask because the hiring GI doc says he will teach me everything the law allows up to and including endoscopy. I want to find the relevant research to present down the line to the credentialing board.