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I has this discussion with my md today who I had to call for a referral to urgent care so insurance would cover itMe: hi dr soo soo, hate to bother you on the weekend but my asthma is really acting up nebs help but I see a... Read More

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    His feelings are not likely to change, so i wouldn't bother to confront him. I would find a provider that was a better fit; even if they don't always see eye to eye about the medicine, they should always be respectful of you as as a person. Insulting a patient, regardless of their occupation, is unacceptable behavior and I would never keep such a person as my provider.
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    Again, I don't really see what the big deal here is. If I was your physician, I wouldn't give out a referral either. Especially if you call me and say you need a referral to get some steroids. That's my license on the line; in the off-chance that you're wrong, I could easily be taken to court for making a judgment call without physically assessing you myself. How can I defend myself in that case? It's an entirely lose-lose situation for me. I wouldn't care if you were an attending or a world-renowned pulmonologist with years and years of experience! I would still direct you to the ER. And I would say the majority of practicing physicians today would do the same. It's simply not worth the risk in the current medicolegal environment.

    I think you're over-analyzing this situation and taking things a bit too personally. Relax. If anything, he was probably trying to compliment you with the "medical training" comment, but worded it poorly. Could he have communicated this better? Yes. Do I think he was intentionally trying to insult you? Probably not.

    Hope you're feeling better.