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  1. I had a nurse send me a FB message that a pt was trying to get ahold of her dr, so she contacted one of my office nurses on FB to see what to do ,who in turn contacted me on FB by instant message I'm not friends with patients and find this unacceptable .
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Uh yeah - FB is NOT for work-related stuff. You have the wildest place of employment I've ever heard of.....
  4. by   pedspnp
    well my fb page is now off limits to coworkers, i keep a fb page to keep up with my deployed family members mostly. Had a nice chat this morning and made it clear on how to contact me after hours and that my FB was now family and friends only.
  5. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    I have a friend who gets personal messages of that sort via FB all the time. She ignores them, as would I. I don't have a FB page, but if I did, I'd use my nickname that only my family know. I would never use my actual first and last name.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I too have a FB page but again would never ever allow a pt to "friend" me. I do have coworkers on my page but again just has never been an issue.
  7. by   SaoirseRN
    Is it possible this person was friends with this patient prior to them being a patient? However I do agree that was an inappropriate use of Facebook.
  8. by   edmia
    It's also possible that the patient sent the message without being friends with the nurse. FB allows you to message people you don't know. They don't see your profile except for what you allow to be public, but they can send a message.

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  9. by   pedspnp
    The nurse was friends prior to employment with this person, so I can see why she contacted this friend, since she could not get ahold of her md who is in our office who her child sees , I was out of town seeing my husband one last time before he left for Afghanistan and my husband saw the FB message before I did, he was upset because he knew how much I was looking forward to a last weekend with him with no calls since my supervising md took my call all weekend, and that parent who couldn't get ahold of her md decided to contact her friend on Fb
  10. by   traumaRUs
    What a freakshow! You take care while your husband is deployed.
  11. by   NutmeggeRN
    "Message, what message?" never saw it.....I ignore messages and friend requests all the time if they are not my friends.

    I have and use FB, my choice, do not beat me up here please, and I belong to several smaller groups.

    While I enjoy the banter amongst the folks in each group, I dont want them to see the rest of my world, so I ignore them.
  12. by   squidbilly
    I ran into a dilemna similar to this recently. I am a school nurse as well as a musician. I use facebook to stay in touch with friends with a private page, and also have a band page that I use to promote my music and post show dates. I had a parent of one of my students "like" my music page, and then send a friend request to my private page. I ignored the friend request, but on my music page my only option is to "ban" him, and this feels cruel to me (perhaps due to the negative connotation the word itself carries?)
  13. by   myelin
    I understand not wanting to "friend" a student and have them see your personal profile, but is it a problem to have a student like your music page? Is it that you don't want them coming to a show?
  14. by   Kidrn911
    Got burnt on FB and coworkers, now I never ever ever have a coworker as a FB friend. When I started my new job, was told by coworkers "we use it to encourage each other only, never burn each other" In the last 2 weeks I have witness 2 fb fights at work. It is never worth being a fb friend with a coworker for me.

    BTW that was soooooo in appropiate what the nurse did to the point I would discuss this with you administrator.