Age limits for Adult Nurse Practitioners in Washington State? Please?

  1. 0 I have looked on the state DOH/BON website, scoured through every state code, and even called the BON and haven't been able to find an answer.

    It is really simple, I just want to know what the minimum age adult nurse practitioners in Washington State are allowed to treat? For example, in Maryland the minimum age is 16.

    My frustration is beyond boiling over at this point, hopefully someone here knows.

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    I do not know officially. However, my friend is an ARNP in WA state and she can/does see kids.
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    Is there a WA state professional APRN organization you can contact??
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    Did you call professors at the local schools?
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    What was the age limit in your training? Go with that unless it is specified by the state. WA doesn't address this. Neither did NM. Where I was trained it was 16 I believe. NP I worked with in NM was trained down the road a ways in Greensboro was trained for 13 y/o's, so that is how she rolled.
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    NC and some other states in the south ANPs treat 12 and up, and most programs train accordingly
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    Quote from benm93
    NC and some other states in the south ANPs treat 12 and up, and most programs train accordingly
    Actually i just spoke with someone at NCBON and she happened to mention 13 being the age I could see Pt.s. so in NC it is 13.At Duke I was under the impression it was 16. Oh well you learn something new everyday.
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    my b. my memory doesn't always serve me well.
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    My understanding, from ANCC is 13 yrs for ACNP also.

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