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Advanced Pathophysiology

  1. 0 I start Advanced Patho at the end of the month. I have heard horror stories about the class. I am taking online classes at Saint Joseph's College of Maine. Any pointers out there? We are using Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children and Clinical Applications of Pathophysiology: An Evidence-Based Approach, 3e
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    Read the syllabus, then read ahead of time. Highlight the heck in that expensive book. You'll make it.
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    Thank you and I love highlighters and sticky arrows that you can write on to find things easily!
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    • Talk to others who have taken the class. Ask for their advice.
    • Talk to the professor. You'll be amazed how often they'll share bits of test insight with students who take the initiative to talk to them.
    • Attend all classes, and pay attention. (Sounds obvious but I was amazed how many people in my class skipped lectures or played on their computers during class!)
    • Read the text and review your notes every week. Don't wait until the last minute to prepare for exams.
    Best of luck to you!!
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    I agree. Talk to your instructor if you think you are drowning. I was having a lot of trouble with it and talked to her and told I was really worried I wasn't going to pass. Lo and behold in the next couple of days we had a study guide for the test!
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    I found that reading ahead and if it was something that I didnt understand I would look it up on youtube.
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    Quote from nitasarn
    I found that reading ahead and if it was something that I didnt understand I would look it up on youtube.
    Read like your life depends on it! I failed patho the first time I took it but bounced back with an A! You just highlight and read the words off the page! You'll be fine!