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I will be completing a general/minimally invasive fellowship in May and without being too specific, can anyone tell me what is an acceptable salary for someone with less than 2 years experience? The surgeon that I work with says... Read More

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    Thanks everybody for the support and encouragement. I welcome any questions.

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    Hello, I am not an NP but I stumbled across this thread while researching info about RNFA's. The AORN website has a salary survey from 2012; only 3.4% of the survey respondents were RNFA's so it was roughly 82 RNFA's that responded and they report an average salary of $82800. Unfortunately there isn't a breakdown of years of experience, type of degree. Also they show geographic spread and it was pretty limited. Maybe let the surgeon be the first to bring up salary. It sounds like a great position, best of luck to you and please do keep us updated!
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    Remember, you are now an Advance Practice Professional. Forget the small ball thinking. The offer needs to be fair, but remember that they can bill at 85% of physician pay for what you do. They will make money with you. The bottom line is that something is worth whatever someone will pay for it. Don't be greedy and arrogant but don't be afraid to ask for real money because the responsibility and liability are real. Search PA pay ranges in similar positions and don't take any less. Forget that you don't have the experience because you have the license. If you start too low because it feels safe, you'll always be underpaid. Don't think like a nurse, think like a provider. The problem with first jobs is that down the road they may take you for granted, then you find yourself having to "move on to move up." To prevent that from happening, build in a way for you to make more money. They off 85k? Fine. But I want to make 90 within 3yrs. Build it into the contract. Don't forget. Vacation, Continuing ED and insurance should be givens. You should get similar benefits to the physicians and definitely no less pay than Pa's.
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    What about contacting your states APRN organization? They might have a better handle on salaries in your area. I would definitely have some figure in mind PRIOR to your discussion with your surgeon. Dont ask what would you like to pay me? You need to neggotiate.
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    Without quoting numbers, I personally would negotiate a fair base salary with room for productivity bonus.
    You are obviously an asset with your training and ability to bill for both procedures and first assist cases.

    Track your cases, know your worth, negotiate a percentage of what you put on the table.

    Best of luck.
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    I too am a FNP whom works in office, rounding on hospital patients and currently obtaining my RNFA. Sounds like you have an awesome job. Don't become greedy. Understand that you will build into the future. I did take a lower salary for my initial contract. However, the accounting company that we (MD and I) use have made a template for myself separate from the doctor. This will include any consultant work, follow up, office visits, and initially assisting fees (after obtaining my RNFA).
    I have a base salary, we are soon to have a meeting in which I will negotiate for a percentage of my overall percentage. It is such and advantage that I am able to see ALL charges and collections. I recommend you do the same. As time goes on, it will be easier to say (for example) "my collections for 2014 were 180K, my assets to the business are substantial. I think _______ is what I should make"
    Good luck!
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    Since I'm still getting replies, I thought I'd share what the final negotiations came to. First, understand that I am gratefully for the opportunity given to me, but I work to live, I don't live to work.

    Here goes:
    $150K/yr + (as a part of profit sharing)
    All CEUs/licensure/credentialing fees/malpractice paid
    2 weeks vacation (see last caveat as to why vacation is only 2 weeks)

    *****Ready and willing to go out and assist on cases 24/7, including weekends******

    Needless to say, it's not even a consideration.
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    Are you saying you did or didn't take the job? "It's not even a consideration" is a little ambiguous. I don't know how much NP experiance you have but 150k is pretty good if you are still a fairly new NP. I'm hoping you took it or found a better offer because this sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
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    I didn't take it, but I'll continue with him until I find something that fits my lifestyle more. While the experience is good, I'm not interested in working an 80 hour work week to get it. I went to NP to do something I enjoy, which is work in surgery, but I draw the line at being expected to be called out at all hours of the day/night and weekends, not even for $250K. I'm not that person.
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    I guess that's understandable. Good luck in your search.

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