3 letters of recommendation - uh oh - what to do

  1. I'd like to go back to college (University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health) for an Occupationarl Health ANP degree.

    My past grades are good but I'm stumped at letters of recommendation.

    I've read that they should be professors who can attest to your ability to be able to thrive in advanced education.

    The trouble is...for the most part they're dead, at least the ones I really admired and connected with. Yup, I'm ooooooold....

    I did track down one who's in his 70's, a professor who I admired and who I was lab assistant for--but he no longer even remembered me.

    I did return to attain my nursing degree (ADN) (I have a few BS's) around 2001 but frankly none of the professors really ever got to know me--certainly not like the ones in the BS degrees, and worse, I'm not confident at their ability to either remember me or to write effectively.

    I can get letters of recommendation from my two prior Medical Directors (I've been running small Occ Health Clinics) and am stumped as to who to ask for the third letter.

    Any suggestions for those who know as what is best to do?
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  3. by   BeeGeeRN
    My friend had this issue... School ref was out... She told the school this, they told her to use two coworkers (she used a charge nurse, and our nurse manager), the third was from an educator on our unit

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  4. by   RainieRN
    I just went back too school too. None of my recommendation letters are from past professors. They can tell your a good student from your transcripts. Good luck!
  5. by   UTVOL3
    I had the same issue and used a coworker, my boss and a physician I'd worked closely with. I was not accepted to the program and so I later called and chatted with the admissions rep. She pulled my packet and reviewed it, explained some of the things I could tweak if I wanted to reapply with a better chance. The biggy was my references. There was a standardized form to fill out by each person providing a reference, with check boxes that said something like "how do you know this applicant" and the choice was personally, professionally or academically. 2 of my 3 references had checked personally in addition to professionally. So, if you wind up using references outside academia, it might pay just to mention this to the folks who will be recommending you.
  6. by   42pines
    Thank you all! I'll ask two medical directors, and an the lead accident investigator for General Motor's and see what happens.
  7. by   BritFNP
    I think this is common. I used my director of nursing, a anesthesiologist I worked with, a podiatrist colleague, and my roommate who is a PA. I thought it showed a good range of diverse medical relationships.
  8. by   Barinbass
    I used two profs from my BSN program and one from my volunteer work. I wanted them to know I did that. One of my profs had moved across the country, but I knew the school she moved to, googled it, and found her. If they need an additional one, get one from any work situation or even personal. They will let you know if they require anything else. I looked at UAB for my NP program, but they sent profs from there to where you precepted to do your eval That was too much like my RN school for me. I was in NC at the time. Good luck.