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This is getting to be a mantra of sorts in my house. I work in a very small clinic, and the staff is equally small. We have one gal that does our referrals, a medical assistant, a receptionist, an... Read More

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    Sounds like you're being taking advantaged of. They need to get more help. If your're drawing blood thats time away from seeing a pt, billing and making the practice money. Heck even as a kid working at McDonalds I realized I could take the order, make the burger, drop the fries and clean the dining area but for what???? Bottom line is this we are there to make the practice money and thats not happening if you're on hold with the pharm calling in a refill. Plus you are going to get burnt out and even make less money for them in the long run. Shoot get a second job at another location if you want to work that hard.
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    I already have a second job, lol. Baby Boy can't get to Harvard Law if Mommy's a slacker!

    We have our MA trained now... she's in love with venipuncture. Bless her heart, if she ever leaves, I may go with her.
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