what do you say to, "but you don't work as a nurse anymore"?

  1. How do you respond to people when they find out that you are not a traditional bed-side nurse? Recently I mentioned that I was looking at an MSN/MBA program and many people had the response of "why, you aren't even working as a nurse anymore?". *sigh* I'm in nursing management in an outpatient setting.
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    "Yes, I am still a nurse."
  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I would tell them that nursing does not constitute having a stethoscope around your neck. I had a hard time at first in my community nursing course; there is so much to do with nursing that does not involve direct patient care. I had to learn how to "take off my stethoscope" and once I did I had a whole new respect to the diverse nature of nursing.
  5. by   luvRNs
    I reply " that's why nursing is a fantastic career choice! It has so many different practice areas. " As a nursing educator, I taught the practice to others. As a nursing manager and administrator, I promoted quality care by ensuring that bedside staff had the tools and equipment to do their job. Both roles had an impact on patients.The "nursing" is always there; it is the "practice setting" that is different
  6. by   jlcole45
    I still do work occasionally as a beside nurse. So no one can say that and it
    gives me a chance to remember their point of view.