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  1. 0 What are your thoughts? What is your institution favoring? MSN management/leadership or MBA?
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    Any hospital that is magnet or hoping to become magnet will require/prefer an MSN for nursing managers.
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    As a magnet hospital I believe you must have a MSN. University of Phoenix has a nice MBA/MSN combo degree. I have an MSN in leadership through the university of Southern Indiana. Its fairly priced and all online.
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    There are some MSN/MBA combo programs out there. An MSN with a concentration in management/leadership seems to be the preferred credential for nurses in administrative roles.
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    There is no preference in my institution. I feel an MSN in management will afford me more opportunities that I am interested in. My passion is nursing so the material I am learning is interesting and relevant. If I don't like leadership, I could teach, get my DNP etc. I don't see myself in a top executive position-that's not what I am interested in, but if I were, than I would probably get an MBA. Our CNO has an MSN though. She is a true nurse's nurse. I feel those who get an MBA vs MSN lose a bit of the nursing perspective and are more driven by numbers than patient care.
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    MSN in leadership

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