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I transferred to a position in the Quality Department within our large health system 9 months ago. It was my first venture into Quality, and I am really learning a lot and enjoying it. It was a great career move for me. It... Read More

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    I would feel beholden at least for a year.,
    Well, the OP has already been at the job for 9 months, so in theory, while she's going through all the interviewing and HR stuff she could make that 12 months.

    I always felt guilty leaving a job for a better one, but in the end I had to choose what was best for my career and family.

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    I think you should apply for it. My fear is that your CNO may have mentioned to your boss that you are interested in the position, but that's just a guess. Nothing is confidential anymore, it seems.

    Apply for the job, and if/when you get the offer, THEN cross the bridge of how to address your manager.
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    Quote from MN-Nurse
    Sounds like you are properly ruthless and egocentric enough for management.

    Go for it. Someone's gotta do it.

    Can you point out the ruthlessness and/or the egocentricity present in the OP's post?
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    All any employee owes their employer is to do a good job while on the clock. If a better opportunity shows up, go for it.

    During my clinicals, the DON of the nursing home we were at liked me, and hooked me up with a job right away as a graduate PN. A week after orientation, I got offered a job at a state facility that paid $4 more an hour and better benefits. Did I hesitate or feel guilty? Of course not! I was gone so fast it was like those Looney Tune cartoons where the road runner runs away and leaves behind a cloud of dust. If those private facilities want to keep nurses, why do they pay crap wages? Moving up to management is a big step up. Who knows it will still be there a year from now?
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    trust me when i say the following, is best to hold on for a year on your present position, however, as it was mentioned previously by now your present manager knows about your intentions of joining the management team. therefore, sit down with him/her and let them know your long term goals and your desire to obtain this position it not only shows your loyalty to her/him but also that you value their approval.....just saying
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    While your manager may be upset that she would be losing an excellent employee if she is a good manager she will be delighted to see you advance in your career
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    Do not apply for the position without telling your current manager and if your current manager is a good manager, she should be encouraging you. Managers, in my opinion, have an obligation to the institution as well as their own department. Managers have to see the global picture and needs of the organization and not be egocentric. Changing positions within the organization, is growing the organization itself. Speak to her/him, I'm sure you will be surprised.

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